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Dive Apo Island – best Video I have seen so far

I found that video about diving in Apo Island on you tube and it is probably the best quality I have seen so far about diving Apo Island. The guy who taped it was with sea-explorers. His name is Mika Ahola and what I could see, he is multiple world champion in Motocross. Visit his site for more info  Mika Ahola’s site

Well, he is obviously also a passionate Scuba Diver and talented Video guy. As I have more daily visitors here then hie You Tube – side I want to put the Video here for you guys to enjoy it. I like it alot, even some of my favorite divesites on Apo Island are missing.

The Music and the quality of that dive Video are great. Seven Minutes to enjoy diving at Apo Island. Here you go :

Apo Islands Coral Gardens are just stunning, but I can’t hel[p myself in wondering where the fish are in some dive-spots. Even typical reef-fish are in some places around Apo Island just missing.

However, thanks Mika for the great Video, hope you’ll be back in the Philippines one day. You should consider a trip to Tubbataha Reffs , I guess as a biker you woul love the thrill there and the big stuff… but Apo Island was a good start…



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