The Varuna Show in Bali is a brand-new Show at the Taman Safari and Marine Park. It combines an elevated dining experience with a great show. The highlight of the show is certainly the huge aquarium with hundreds of fish, some sharks and three mermaids. It is a spectacle and certainly something I want to see. With Mama Monster having birthday, it is also the ideal time to go on a week holiday to Bali and go to the Varuna show.

Veruna Show Water Walk way

Birthday at the Varuna Show and underwater dining experience in Bali

I read the term “Varuna underwater dining experience” somewhere. However, you are not dining underwater or anything like that. Anyway, when we arrived in Bali, I went to different travel operators to book the ticket for the Varuna show. For whatever reason, no tour operator had that in the program.

The Solution was to book a ticket online. There are different categories, and of course I booked the VIP Package for my missus and me. That gave us access to the Varuna Show VIP Lounge before the show, where we got some cocktails.


Varuna Show in Bali

I booked a premium ticket for the brand-new Varuna show at the Taman safari and marine park in Bali. The VIP Premium ticket includes some special treats like the VIP waiting lounge with free canapes some amuse bouche and a cocktail.

Taman Safari and Marine Park in Bali

I booked a pick-up from the Truntum Hotel in Kuta, where we stood for our vacation. The trip still took 1.5 hours, and we arrived around 10:00 am at the Taman safari and Marine Park. There is an extra line for Varuna guests.

After a few minutes in the lounge, we were brought to our VIP Table, center stage. The VIP Package includes a 3 – course elevated dining experience and a small bottle of wine each.

For starters we had the had the

  • Salmon Carpaccio with confit cherry tomatoes, cucumber gilette and mustard dressing and the
  • Baby romance salad with chicken breast for starters

For the main course I decided for the

  • Slow-cooked and deep fried duck fillet, Balinese sayur urap, fragrance steam rice, Balinese sambal, and for Mama Monster
  • I ordered the Varuna Wagyu Beef burger with Beef Bacon, tomato & lettuce, mustard mayo spread, cheddar cheese.

Before the dessert was served, I had something special planned, but see yourself in the video.

The Varuna Show in Bali

With the whole surrounding being just perfect, we also enjoyed the Varuna show a lot. The whole story may be a bit on the cheesy side, but we didn’t care. The set up was this day just exactly what we wanted and needed.

The big aquarium with hundreds of fish and a bunch of mermaids was simply impressive. The singers and dancers did also a great job, and my missus was super happy, which simply made my day also perfect. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed just about everything about the whole experience.

If I would not book premium but only the regular, I am not sure if I would rate that positive.

The first 45 is just an acoustic combo on the stage, which is nice when you have the dining there, but otherwise you just watch other people eat. The Varuna Show itself is something like just under an hour and very entertaining. I would have wished for the aquarium to be included more, but it is still impressive.

I would have some more critics about what is included in the ticket-price, but that would not be Varuna related.

Still, the PR department of Varuna needs to step up their game a little. We could not book in Kuta at any agent we asked and many people (tourists) we talked about the show didn’t even know it existed.

… and we were in a hotel, with guests middle and upper age, who can afford it, they were stunned by the pictures we showed them, and asked how to book.

 Happy Birthday Greetings from the Varuna show in Bali