Scuba Diving in Siit Cliff and Lutoban last January 23 marked the Dive Monster’s first boat dive for 2022. We traveled to the south of Negros Oriental to Zamboanguita and Siaton. What an amazing diving trip! From the sunny weather to the sea critters, we have seen underwater, it was simply a great day. You really can’t complain to make two dives with blue-ringed octopus, squad or shoal of squids, sea turtles, nudibranchs, and so much more!

Diving in Lutoban - Dive Mosnters Sr. & Jr. selfie

The Dive Monster family hit the road quarter to seven in the morning. Upon arriving Mama Monster, Dive Monster Sr., and Dive Monster Jr. started setting up our gears and slipped into our boots and neoprene attire. At past eight o’clock in the morning, the boat left Wellbeach Dive and Beach Resort and started heading to Siit Cliff of Siaton, Negros Oriental. This area borders the two municipalities of Siaton and Zamboanguita.

Scuba Diving in Siaton (Siit Cliff)

Upon arriving at the dive site, we immediately huddled up and made a quick briefing for ourselves. We got in our diving gear and jumped off the boat and into the water. We stayed underwater under a maximum depth of only 5.6 meters and stayed for about 75 minutes. We didn’t get far…and we didn’t have to. There we saw (for the first time in a while) a blue-ringed octopus! So tiny, so beautiful…but also so deadly. Then we saw a shoal of squids from afar. They were shy so no pictures of the video. We also saw a few nudibranchs scattered throughout the reef. Even though the water did not have the best visibility and the water was a bit cold, it was still an awesome dive!



Scuba Diving in Zamboanguita (Lutoban)

We rested and had our surface interval on the boat. The lovely boat crew prepared our usual order of coffees, some fresh fruits, and banana cake. Mama Monster and Daisy DM Jr. of course took some selfies as well. Less than an hour after that, the boat headed to the next dive site. We don’t exactly know the name of the dive site. However, according to Ma’am Marevic and Sir Guido, it is called Lutoban (the name of the barangay in which the sire is located). It is still part of Zamboaguita.

We went deeper than our first dive and saw a bunch of sea creatures and critters. Saw some turtles, nudibranch, mushroom coral pipefish, baby walking sea cucumber, porcelain crab, and sexy squat shrimps. The visibility of the water got better in the deeper areas. However, due to the recent Typhoon Odette in December 2021, some of the corals were damaged. The shallower parts received most damage in the area. After an hour, we went back on the boat and headed back to the resort.

We quickly rinsed all our equipment and dried it in the sun. We ordered lunch and loaded our stuff in the car. Headed home safely and passed out hahaha. You know it’s a fun Sunday when you get home with loads of pictures, videos, and a sunburn.

Looking forward to the rest of our diving trips this 2022. Until the next dive.