The Dive Monster Family finally made their way across the Tañon Strait to Cebu and headed north for some Family Diving in Moalboal, a well-known Scuba Diving destination. It was planned much earlier, but a Typhoon, bad weather and a lot of real work delayed the short vacation, which was the Christmas present of Dive Monster Senior to his two ladies. The Cebu Seaview Dive Resort was our home for a few nights and a few more dives. Taking all away at the beginning… Diving in Moalboal at Cebu Seaview Dive Resort with the Cebu Fun Divers was way better than the expectations the Dive Monsters had.

Why Cebu Seaview Dive Resort?

Dive Monster Sr. was looking ahead of time, but followed the recommendation of a friend, who was himself the manager of Savedra Beach Resort, which is known for many years as being one of the best. However, that guy said, that he would go to Cebu Seaview, as it is a brand-new Resort under good management, belonging somehow to the same group.


The decision was underlined by the fact, that our choice suffered only from minor damage, caused by Typhoon Odette in December 2021, while other places were hit pretty hard. A few chats back and forth, and the deal was done. We had a great package with 4 days/3 nights and 5 dives each with the Cebu Fun Divers, the in-house dive shop.

We took an early morning RoRo Ferry from Sibulan to Liloan on Cebu. It was pretty painless. A driver with van awaited us after a short 45-minute trip and we arrived two hours later at our resort, just in time to check in, have lunch and go for a first dive.

Rooms at Cebu Seaview Resort

The rooms were spacious, the beds very comfortable and the aircon was working effective and very silent. It had a hot shower and a mini-ref. Free drinking water was available in dispensers all over the resort. However, the best part were the countless power outlets in each corner and along the walls of the resort. There was never a problem to charge three phones, 3 cameras, multiple video-lights and torches at the same time without a fight, who is next.

The internet was a bit spotty. But the reason for this is simply the typhoon a few weeks before, which destroyed all power- and communication-lines. We also had some power-outages while being in Moalboal, but it didn`t bother us a lot.

The restaurant has also some limitations, as the supply chain after Odette is simply not there, yet. We certainly did not starve, and the beer was perfectly cold. The staff was fantastic and always there to give a helping hand if needed.


Diving in Moalboal with Cebu Fun Divers

The Dive Monster Family was not there to stay in the room, but to dive. The shallow reefs in the area took a bad beating from Odette. However, Diving in Moalboal is mainly about wall diving and of course the Sardine Run at Panagsama Beach.

The famous Sardines of Moalboal were also our first dive just after lunch. We were the only diver at that time and had Kuya Cayo as our guide. Over the three days, he did a fantastic job in dive-mastering and guiding. Cayo is very experienced and probably saw, that we are not that demanding, as long we can be lazy and do our own thing.

At the same time he spotted some neat critters for us to take videos and pictures and made very good decisions, with changing the dive plan, if the current picked up against us.



The boatman was also very helpful. Dive Monster Sr had some bad back-issues the two weeks before the trip, but gave it a try anyway. In the water are no problems for him at all, and with the help of the crew, he had no problem gearing up.

For now we don`t want to bore you much more with words, but rather show you a first quick teaser video of the Dive Monster Family Diving in Moalboal at Cebu Seaview Resort.


Video of our Diving Trip to Moalboal


The video you just watches is really just a quickly put-together thingy, from skimming through our footage. There will be much more in detail soon on our YouTube channel.

Diving in Sardine Poo is Fun