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Rush Sale vs Lowest Price

I am struggling to understand some prices and announcements here. I am aware that one does not need to pay the prices announced at most places other than groceries and supermarkets. Many times you simply say that the other job has it cheaper, and the salesperson goes down with the price… at least when the person somehow does his/her job. That has to be said, because many here need a job, but they actually don’t do the job. Of course the employer is the bad person when firing them. read more

52 Minutes for a Sorry Siiiirrr

It is not really a secret that many people in this country I reside at present are overwhelmed with the challenges every day puts in their path.  And let’s be honest, with an average IQ of only 86 it is 3rd grader math that half of the population is in the area what was in the 1980th still considered something like “borderline retard”. Of course, that is a term which is not politically correct nowadays, so let’s call them people with special needs or people who need special attention. read more

The lost life of Mary Antoniette Acedo

Sometimes I am sitting in front of my box and are supposed to work for a few hours but a headline pops up in my newsfeed and I am disturbed, unable to focus on my work.

Exactly that happened this morning. An one month old headline came up again. As I was just about to start modifying pictures of a beauty contest it was a weird coincident. The headline was about Mary Antoniette Acedo who died in a hospital from an overdose of slimming pills just before the coronation night of Miss Dapitan 2015. read more

Vegetarian Chicharon

Chicharon – an awesome, unhealthy spanish snack which goes along perfectly with a lot of alcohol and a bad-ass movie on the sofa at home. Now it wouldn’t be the Philippines if they would not try to invent something new.

The Vegetarian Chicheron

No more greasy fingers, the taste of old fat which need to be washed away with beer or rim ‘n coke. Just a boring crunchy chew without any taste. I run into it at Manila Airport when coming back from Germany. My intention was to get into my pinoy-mood right away and eat some local snack. Sadly, i did not read and just looked at the picture. And here is what they did: Taking a perfect Spanish Snack and killing it by taking out the main ingredients, which are: read more

Ignorant Alien Asholes – We put you in your place

Another great chapter of Dumaguete Journalism at its best and the level of intelligence you can expect here everywhere.

Real World scenario:

Two people have a small traffic accident but with rather costly damage and it is not clear whose fault it is. So police is called takes some pictures and other evidence, then clears the street and usually insurances taking over the costs (at least partially). read more