There is stuff one has to put up on a day-by-day basis, when living with up to three females under one roof. They come up with the weirdest ideas. This time Miss D found in a Chinese second hand discounter some Japanese toilet paper, with the wrong wrapping, declaring it as Japanese Face Mask which is cleansing the skin, and maybe also works as a skin whitener. However, that is not really certain, as all prints are in Japanese and nobody here can read it.

Well, as long she believes it is good for something, it is 3.50 Peso well spend. Then again, she could have asked. I would have given her a few sheets of my toilette paper for 2 Peso, or even free of charge… as long I can make a video and use it at a later point for whatever reason.

Check out the video of the Japanese Face Mask

My take on the Japanese Face Mask and Skin Whitening

Ok, let’s get that straight, Miss D is using no regular skin whitener. We had a kind of discussion about underarm-whitener and anal-whitener, though. I am not really sure about the later one. Before I saw it with my own eye (in a shop, not Miss D aplying it).

I was not even aware that anal-whitener is existing. I mean, unless one is an adult movie star and the anus is in the spotlight and many times plays a more important role, then the face of the actress, I don’t really get the point.


All that skin whitening remains a mystery for me anyway. You can trust me, I heard all reasons why they rather buy whitening cream than food on the table, however, most of the ladies make themselves simply looking like scary ghosts. After that they put on 6 to 13.5 layers of make-up, make some lousy selfies, not matter hoe fuggly they look. However, their desire to look like that gets then emphasized by their little friend-circle on Facebook and other social networks. They can be 5.2 foot tall with 250 pounds (1.5 of them the make-up), there will still be the little circle which will tell the fatty how great they look. And off goes the fuggly stuffing more food in the throat an buying more of that magic stuff, which goes in layers in the face and other body parts. But you are safe, I don’t have pictures from applied anal-whitening lotion, you need to stick to Miss D and her Japanese Face Mask video

Thinking again, Miss D sticks toilette paper in her face,, claiming it to be a Japanese Face Mask and maybe skin whitener. We talked also about that anal whitening thingy… Maybe she should really get someone to translate her the instructions on the Japanese “Face Mask” wrapping

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