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Was Eve the first transgender woman?

It is a rainy day and I can’t really focus on my work. My mind goes to many million topics and weird thoughts. One of them was if Eve, you know the mother of all inbreeding, was the actually the first transgender woman in our planet.

You may wonder why is that?

Well, let me explain. I spend this period of my life in the middle of people who would not wait a split-second to cheat on each and everything and tell really stupid lies for the benefit of a hand-full of rice but claim that they are the most religious and god-fearing people ever walked this planet.  So basically, one gets confronted with their church and prayer nonsense anytime of the day and night as soon one gets in touch with them. read more

State Oriental Negros – August 2016

Everybody was waiting for the first SONA 2016 of the new elected President Duterte. Well, he really said nothing unexpected, between the “I kill you” statements there were some goals where one just can hope they work out fine. Well, this SONA 2016 here is something different. It is the State Oriental Negros – August 2016. read more

Bullet Scam – Or just Stupid

It is in the international media and another “more fun” occurrence. The Bullet Scam at the Manila Airport. Now as we all know that many here don’t miss out any chance to steal, extort or “make” a peso or two, planting bullets is something new on my list.
Then again, below is also an example that people here are really often extremely ignorant, when it comes to laws and regulation. read more

The lost life of Mary Antoniette Acedo

Sometimes I am sitting in front of my box and are supposed to work for a few hours but a headline pops up in my newsfeed and I am disturbed, unable to focus on my work.

Exactly that happened this morning. An one month old headline came up again. As I was just about to start modifying pictures of a beauty contest it was a weird coincident. The headline was about Mary Antoniette Acedo who died in a hospital from an overdose of slimming pills just before the coronation night of Miss Dapitan 2015. read more

a wise man said-Rhoody, don’t become a tax-officer

People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance