It’s been a while since we have written anything due to the pandemic that the coronavirus has brought this world into. Anyway, that doesn’t stop us from doing and trying new things. Since diving is not possible for us now, we decided to try eating Froot Loops.

On Easter Sunday, Dive Monster Senior Rhoody went out to sacrifice himself just to buy some chocolate and cereals. One of them happens to be Froot Loops. He also bought Frosties and a bunch of Kinder Joy Eggs. Aside from me trying Froot Loops, Dive Monsters also did his own little video of eating Koko Krunch.

What is Froot Loops?

For those who doesn’t know what Froot Loops are…they are cereals. They are ring shaped cereals that has a fruity milk flavor. Froot Loops come is different colors (green, pink, yellow, orange, blue, and purple). They work best as dry snacks or with fresh milk.

So first impression, they smelled sweet. They were small enough (nibble size) and great for kids…and of course adults. Second impression, they tasted more milky than fruity to me at first. Third impression, I love hearing the crunch every bite I take. Lastly, will I ever Froot Loops again….YES!!!

Senior Eating Koko Krunch

Koko Krunch is not new to me. This cereal has been our go to since I was little. It is a chocolate flavored cereal that goes amazing with milk. Since I had the Froot Loops almost all for myself, Master Rhoody had to eat the Koko Krunch. Which was not so bad at all. Before the cereal were more like a curved leaf shape. Now they are a koala head shape. What kind of cereal do you like? Let us know in the comments!

Over all, the Froot Loops experience was fun. Remember to eat your breakfast, wash your hands, stay safe and stay at home!