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My trip to the Kapaw Festival 2018 in Basay

I go since a few years to the municipality of Basay to celebrate their annual fiesta there. Of course, this year was not different and I made it just in time for the Kapaw Festival 2018.

Our friends from the tourism office there booked us like the last years into the Cañamaque Royal Suites 2 which is at a very convenient location and everything is within walking distance. One can’t expect a 5-Star accommodation in Basay, but the place has almost all one needs for a few days of stay. The rooms have a decent size, the aircon is working fine and the people are super friendly. read more

Trip from Dumaguete to Bayawan

Like the last years, we decided to go on a trip from Dumaguete to Bayawan City to enjoy the annual Tawo Tawo Festival. I went there in the past 4 years and always had a great time. This year was no different.

My trip from Dumaguete to Bayawan started early in the morning with packing and heading to the Ceres Bus Terminal, where I caught a bus right away heading for my destination. You can get from Dumaguete to Bayawan in different ways. If you are not driving with your own vehicle you can jump on a bus like I did or use a V-Hire, a van which is a bit faster. read more

My Kids on Siquijor in 1 Day

Some of you may know by now that my Missus has 2 lovely kids. While they are physically not mine, they are my absolute pride. They both developed into great young adults with each of them developing a great personality. On a little bit quieter the other one a little bit showier. They start living their own life and it is awesome to watch that they get along more than fine. read more

Food Trip to Allegre Dos in Dumaguete

Facebook jumped in the way of my Missus and Miss Daisy and I were somehow sidelined at home as it appeared that no dinner was to be in sight. Surely, we understand that an “important” “Let’s eat”-Chat makes for some more sense than actually doing it. However, being a kind of conservative, I still go for the real thing and prefer to stuff some food in my mouth instead of just texting it. read more

Soban Korean Restaurant in Dumaguete

Our boy who is at the moment working in a resort in Siquijor as a Chef came for a surprise visit the other day. This are the pleasant surprises which make the whole house including our old lazy dog smile. As we didn’t have much bonding time during the day, we decided to go for a family dinner and let him choose. As he decided to have Korean food, we headed around 6pm to Soban Korean restaurant in Dumaguete. read more

Food Rehab in Dumaguete

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have ulcer and need a kind of special diet or need to recover from food-poisoning due to some horrible stuff some people offer here in this City and call it  food. Food Rehab is the rather clever name of a kind of Fast Food Outlet/Burger Joint. As I saw some pictures of their stuff a few weeks back -and it didn’t look bad- I wanted to grace the place with my body odor to make a critical analysis which you are about to read. read more

Medic First Aid – CPR Instruction Video

I am not allowed to post any fractions of the PADI EFR instruction video here, but I found a great short CPR Instruction Video I would like to share with you

When you need a Friend…

After quite some seven turbulent months and not much time in my hands, I wanna start the month of August with a cute Video I found on You Tube. So enjoy the two Minutes like I did…



Husbands Revenge

Doesn’t it always happen if you wanna explain something and get interrupted, you tell your wife to wait for a minute and not touch things until you return.

Maybe it is just me, but I can bet a case of San Miguel Pilsen that 3.28 seconds after I turned my back to my love, her hands are on the object I asked her NOT to touch.  Upon return I usually find the computer showing weird behavior, or something is broken on the ground, or my snapshot camera shows 29th of September 2039, or or or … And all happens just with the pure mental power of my sweetheart as (of course !!!) she never touched anything. read more

Mikes Dive and Beach Resort in Dauin – Dumaguete

Mikes Beach Resort in Dumaguete or better in Dauin is soon to open its gates. The Beach and Dive Resort had a tough head to head fight with Robinsons Dumaguete but finally made it and opens earlier.