The Dive Monster Family finally got wet for 2022. Our first dive for the year was after the recent Typhoon Odette. By “recent” we mean about three weeks after the storm. Some corals were damaged, and water was not the best visibility. BUT…we still enjoyed it!

Over a week into 2022 we had the time to get wet. We decided to go to “our” House Reef in Zamboanguita for a reef check and a bit of a reef clean-up. The visibility on the Dive Monster´s first dive 2022 was still heavily affected by the rough waters over the last month. In addition, the bottom below 10 meters is covered with a thick silt layer, which is stirred up easily and affects the visibility big time. The silt covers also quite some corals, and the typhoon did a bit of damage to some corals in a few areas. In our underwater video, we filmed some damage, but also show the wonderful creatures, we came across during our dive.

Thanks to our awesome SeaDragon video lights, we were able to get some great colors, even the visibility was pretty low. Altogether, the reef is still ok and the aquatic life with all its critters is everywhere. We plan to get back as soon as possible, to go to the southern side of the reef to check that part too.

Watch our Dive Monster’s First Dive Video here:

Super Typhoon Rai, which went through the Central Visayas before Christmas, brought an early end to our diving year 2022. We still did our Christmas video, though.

While we were lucky here in Dumaguete, others further north of our Island were less fortunate. We were actively participating in bringing relief goods to the northern municipalities of Tayasan, Bindoy Manjuyod, and others, which were hit pretty hard.

Hope you enjoyed reading and watching. Don’t hesitate to check our Dive Monster YouTube Channel where Miss Daisy, Mama Monster and I exploring the cultural wonders and differences between a big fat ugly German and two sweet lovely Philippine girls.