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Good and bad Stuff for 2nd Hand Vegetarians

DACA – Oh Blessed be His Noodlness

The mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster sent a sign and I heard the call. The wisdom of his Noodliness shined on me and put me at the right time into the right spot, to DACA judging a week long the delights created by the students of the Dumaguete Academy for Culinary Arts

Mooon Cafe- How low can you go

So I went to a place I didn't go for a while due to not that good experience last time: Mooon Cafe in Silliman Avenue. Read here how it was this time.

Food Trip to Allegre Dos in Dumaguete

Facebook jumped in the way of my Missus and Miss Daisy and I were somehow sidelined at home as it appeared that no dinner was to be in sight. Surely, we understand that an “important” “Let’s eat”-Chat makes for some more sense than actually doing it. However, being a kind of conservative, I still go for the real thing and prefer to stuff some food in my mouth instead of just texting it. read more

Soban Korean Restaurant in Dumaguete

Our boy who is at the moment working in a resort in Siquijor as a Chef came for a surprise visit the other day. This are the pleasant surprises which make the whole house including our old lazy dog smile. As we didn’t have much bonding time during the day, we decided to go for a family dinner and let him choose. As he decided to have Korean food, we headed around 6pm to Soban Korean restaurant in Dumaguete. read more

Food Rehab in Dumaguete

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have ulcer and need a kind of special diet or need to recover from food-poisoning due to some horrible stuff some people offer here in this City and call it  food. Food Rehab is the rather clever name of a kind of Fast Food Outlet/Burger Joint. As I saw some pictures of their stuff a few weeks back -and it didn’t look bad- I wanted to grace the place with my body odor to make a critical analysis which you are about to read. read more

Let’s eat Japanese in Dumaguete

Nah, I am joking…. There is no real Japanese Restaurant in Dumaguete, at least not if you actually did eat Japanese Food in Japan or in Japanese Restaurant which has access to the ingredients and the chef appropriate training. Some actually had once the original Sauces. They still kept the little bottles and filled it with the local available stuff which makes all taste like Adobo anyway. read more

Pasta King Dumaguete – Bring your own Beer

After 2 years or so and a not so good experience at this place, my missus asked to give it another chance. Back then their Gnocchi was the only dish I really liked. However, it appeared that the cook there (certainly can’t call it chef) is on the lazy side of the employee scale, as miraculously they “just served the last portion” and are out of stock. I even called Pasta King multiple times. Even 30 minutes after opening: “sorry, out of stock”. read more

La Bella Pizza Bistro Dumaguete

Italian Pizza at the Boulevard in, that was what we were hoping for when entering La Bella Pizza Bistro in Dumaguete. It appears to be a franchise of the Cebu’s Origin “La Bella Napoli”. The Bistro is just across Bethel Guest House at the southern part of the boulevard. The building was some years empty and after a few month renovations the new Pizza Bistro was announced already a few months back. The spacious veranda offers a nice view of the boulevard. However, due to the stinking trucks and trikes blowing out black poisonous fumes in “smoke-free” Dumaguete we decided to get inside. read more

Awesome Desserts Dumaguete Boulevard

So there has a new place opened at the boulevard in Dumaguete called Awesome Desserts. Like with each new place opening it appears that the friends of the house are asked, or volunteer to spam each related website and internet forum or facebook page to write down their one line “wow, best thing since sliced bread, you need to try their…”. read more

Dumaguete – Mifune Japanese Restaurant – Revisit

Last Sunday I went with my Family to Mifune, a Japanese Restaurant in Dumaguete for a revisit. I have been there a couple of times, but I think this was the second time, or so, we went together. They adjusted the interior a little bit and it is more “Japanese”, although the seats and benches are a kind of “cheap-ish” hammered together. Nevertheless a big improvement to our former visit… read more