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Different Restaurants I can recommend or you better stay away

Cafe Laguna Dumaguete

Cafe Laguna is definitely a positive addition to the existing Restaurants in Dumaguete. I would almost describe it as Filipino fine dining and perfect if you want to introduce a first time visitor to local cuisine.

Sandpippers Restaurant in Dumaguete

Last evening I was dining in a Sandpipper ‘s Café, a new restaurant in Dumaguete. Don’t ask me why it is Sandpipper with three “P” and not Sandpiper like the bird. The staff there could not get me any info about that three-P issue.

I knew about the opening last Sunday anyway but a friend of mine could not resist to spam me each time she saw me online on Yahoo, Facebook and other Online-Platforms about the authentic American and Mexican Food and the outstanding Pizza. Well, I tried to put that spamming out of my head and went there at 7:30 pm with Rechel. read more

Mifune – Japanese Food and Bar in Dumaguete

Mifune is a new Japanese Restaurant in Sta. Catalina Street in Dumaguete (actually they call it Mifune – Japanese Food and Bar) and finally on the third visit I could test it with Rechel.

Zanzibar Lounge and Restaurant – Dumaguete

Zanzibar - Lounge & Restaurant is a small place just across the famous Sans Rival very close to the Boulevard in Dumaguete.

The Great – Restaurant Review

“Sohry Sirr, glybbediglyp, buksana, bolera ako, walang ulam… “I am actually not sure what she said, but it was not English and appeared also for my girlfriend who speaks Bisayan, Tagalog, Waray and English more like a magic evil spell from a long forgotten fairy tale.

Italian Restaurant La Piccolo in Dumaguete

La Piccolo is a new opened Italian Restaurant in Dumaguete. Reasonable priced it exceed my expectations.

Manila Burger Runs-Wendys-Burger-King-Home

An hour before midnight I entered the holy halls of Kim and Tom and counted the Burgers the last 36 hours not without promising myself never to repeat that again.

Manila Burger Run – MC Donalds and Burger King

1,5 and a half burgers I was ready to roll to the Mall of Asia for some shopping before meeting the guys again for watching Avatar. Well, of course not without having “lunch” with another burger at Wendys…

The Big Manila Burger Run or the Hooters-Experience

the bill was just over 100 US$ !!!! for a pile of crappy burgers, boob-less waitresses and oily carrots. I definitely will put Hooters on my “been there, done that, but never again”-List.

Nevas Pizza and Pasta in Dumaguete

Call me Kuripot, but they can count me in as a steady customer. All thumbs up for Neva’s Pizza and Pasta in Dumaguete.