Is that baby food? For one whole week, I had to eat soft food. It was challenging because I love eating meat (ribs, steak, fried chicken) and I love crunchy vegetables. All those had to be avoided since I had a traumatized tooth! If you miss the first part of my story on how I got a traumatized tooth read here: Pasta Filling Experience Turned to a Traumatized Tooth.

Soft Food Diet

Soft foods aren’t for traumatized tooth only! After a root canal, extraction or other oral surgery, the dentist will suggest you stay on the “baby food side” for a certain amount of time such as 1 week. Soft food means…as much as possible NO CHEWING! Of course, you can’t avoid chewing but again as much as possible avoid it. Also, hot and cold temperature should be avoided since it might cause irritation or pain. Unfortunately, there were just times that I couldn’t handle plain soft food. So, let’s see what I ate for a week. Be reminded that this is not a suggested food plan. Although you are more than welcome to try it out!

Day 1 (I didn’t start taking pictures)

Breakfast – green tea & fruits, Lunch – soup + water, Dinner – paella & carbonara

Day 2

Breakfast – oatmeal with milk & ripe mangoes + tea
Lunch – potato soup + lemon water
Dinner – soft burger & fries + water

Day 3

Breakfast – oatmeal with banana + orange juice
Lunch – fish kinilaw & rice + water
Dinner – fish kinilaw & rice + water

Day 4

Breakfast – hot tea (I forgot to eat)
Lunch – chicken fillet with rice & soft burger + water
Dinner – leche flan + water & hot tea

Day 5

Breakfast – avocado toast with egg + tea
Lunch – avocado toast (no egg) + water
Dinner – egg and rice bowl with poached egg + water

Day 6

Breakfast – banana + water
Lunch – spicy noodles + pineapple shake
Dinner – dragon fruit & avocado
+ pineapple blueberry juice

Day 7

Breakfast – soft white bread with orange marmalade + tea
Lunch – sautéed string beans & cauliflower with rice + dragon fruit
Dinner – burger steak (Jollibee) & fruits + water

Other great soft food ideas I could and should have added to my 1 week are: cheesecake, cottage cheese, yogurt, custard, soft pasta, fish, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, pies, polenta, risotto, tapioca, tofu (not this one), broth and soft veggies.

Today I am going back to the dentist to see the progress of my tooth. Honestly, it still hurts. My guess is that my third molar (wisdom tooth) is no growing and is hitting my other tooth. But we will find out today, when I get an x-ray. I might have an extraction, which means…a couple of days of soft food again. But after 2-3 days, I should be able to eat normally again!


Wishing for the best today! 🤞