When Tropini Pizza just outside the Why Not Deli in Dumaguete opened, it was a pleasant surprise. While the Pizza there is certainly not cheap, it is worth each cent. Of course we went there a few times. We even did some great video, just to figure out, that the microphone was not working. Well, at least it was a welcome reason to visit there multiple times.

Why Not? Tropini Pizza in Dumaguete

Before we take you to tropini I want to explain what the food scene in this city looks like. Dumaguete is food-wise indeed a 3rd world place. Well, it would not be 3rd world, but the classification does not go any lower. You need to understand, that a local cook who sprinkles some sesame on a dish counts already a celebrity chef. So when living here, there is always the hunt for a good place to eat. One of the secrets is to go there after the opening. After two or three months the quality goes downhill pretty fast. Just a few month back a new Pizza place opened and was celebrated like holes in swiss cheese. Well, I visited and it was indeed good. The second time the mozzarella was local no-taste stuff. You know, the stuff you could use as an alternative for tofu as a door-stopper. The next time the dough was bad. Some “manager” tried to tell me, that they are waiting for the supplier to deliver. Well, they still charged the same for bad quality.

That example is, how it works here. Even worse when foreigner are involved and bring a few kilos ingredients from “back home”, just to deliver the same “sorry Sir, we wait for delivery” like any other shops.

There are very few restaurants in Dumaguete, where I consider their servings actually as “food”. One of the few places which is simply consistent since they opened is Why Not?… I should better say, their Deli and their Restaurant. Their Sunday breakfast can’t be beaten anyway. In December 2018 they opened Tropini Pizza. It is without any doubt since that day the best Pizzy in Dumaguete and still is it a half year later. 6 months are a time, where other businesses already ran out of steam.

The menu has a nice variety and everybody will be able to find a Pizza to their liking. If not, there are still the “Kaeseschnitten” They are a kind of cheese-sammich, but with imported cheese and on a hot plate. They are also heated in the wood fired pizza oven. To get really hungry, simply watch out video of the best pizza place (stand May 2019).


Video of Tropini Pizza at WhyNot Dumaguete

I am aware, that some of you guys and girls actually think Shakeys and Yellow Cab is Pizza, for those I only can advice NOT to visit Tropini, you won’t be happy.

Cheers & Buffalo Cheese


For this video above, we used cellphone, even we had a GoPro Hero7 Black with a SANDMARK Pole selfie-stick (which I can also use for diving) in a backpack. But hey, nobody ever claimed that a Dive Monster is a very smart creature..

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