Being Messy at Roti Boss Curry House in Dumaguete ! Food trip videos when you watch people eat for 20 minutes are boring, that´s why we don´t want to bore you while we were being messy at Roti Boss Curry House in Dumaguete, and the video is barely 5 minutes.

Roti Boss is one of our favorite places for Indian food in Dumaguete. Well, to be honest, there is not much of a choice., either. However, we went to the Curry House in Dumaguete just before lunch, ordered some yummy food, and got home again, before the lunch crowd arrived.

That damn virus is still around, and Dive Monster Sr is very strict when it comes to going out to places with a lot of strangers. Anyway, it was once again a great family lunch, we made a big mess, and had a great time.

Watch our Roti Boss Curry House – Food Trip Video here:

Food at Roti Boss

This authentic Indian Restaurant in Dumaguete City has been our to go places when we want decent food. The food is simply delicious and the owner is super lovely to us every time we go there. She even grows her own hers and spices for the restaurant. If you are wondering what food they offer, check out the Roti Boss Curry House Menu below:

Will we be coming back? More like…when will we go back hehehe.

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