The Dive Monster Family went on a little Food Trip in Valencia last January 2022. We went to this place called Spicy Food House. This establishment actually had many names (always something with spice, though) and a different location.

Now it is just on Jose Romero Road, better known as Valencia Road. The place we visited this time was also another name, closed a while back and recently re-opened a bit bigger, and again with another “Spice” name. Anyway, as a restaurant in Valencia or Dumaguete it is simply known as “Spice”. We have tried the old “new” location of “Spice Restaurant, BBQ, Grill and Whatsoever” more than once, and two of the three time it didn’t work out.

From running out of rice to not preparing the order and to switching off the lights before paying, to kick Mama Monster and her friend out at the Old “old” location, we had it all. However, with bravery and hunger…we drove there and gave them another chance. This time we were more successful, and they almost had all our orders.

Watch our Food Trip in Spicy Food House:

Food at Spicy Food House

As the name implies, they have a lot of spicy food to offer. When we check out their menu, they had a selection on Thai and Indian foood. Curry, vindaloo, pad thai, and samosas. They also had burgers, barbeque, as well as local food like kinilaw and pulutan. It’s safe to say that if you don’t know what you feel like eating, Spicy Food House may just have it. Drinks offered are the usual. Juice, shakes, beer, wine, and cocktails. Daisy Dive Monster Jr. had the pineapple shake and said it was good.

Aside from the baby back ribs (that we no ribs), the rest of the food was pretty good. Vindaloo had a nice spice to it and the pad thai was a good portion with delicious shrimps.

Will we be coming back? Hmmmm not so sure yet. Only time will tell!

Hope you enjoyed reading and watching. Don’t hesitate to check our Dive Monster YouTube Channel where Miss Daisy, Mama Monster and I exploring the cultural wonders and differences between a big fat ugly German and two sweet lovely Philippine girls.