The Dive Monster Family was traveling to Moalboal early March 2022. We spent a long weekend at the Cebu Seaview Resort early March. It was a delayed Christmas Trip with my two ladies. We are from Dumaguete, on the neighboring Island of Negros Oriental and I wanted to bring my ladies to Moalboal to see something different after being locked up on the Island for almost 1.5 years, knowing each nudibranch of the area by its nickname. The only thing we organized was the RoRo to the Island of Cebu. Everything else was organized by the resort.

Traveling to Moalboal from Dumaguete

All bags were packed and we were ready to go. We even made covers for our dive-crates which became very handy. Well, we just cut three pieces of plywood, so it fits inside the crate and strapped it on top of our gear. That way nothing can fall out and no “quick fingers” can investigate the equipment.

OT, the young gentleman in the life of Dive Monster Jr. brought us to the pier in Sibulan, where we found out, that the fastcraft ferry is not running. That was no problem, as 50 meters next to it is the pier of the RoRo ferries of Matjao Shipping. They even allowed OT to drive our stuff all the way to the ferry, where it was unloaded. Daisy bought 3 tickets for us and shortly after we were on the ferry, it left for the 40-minute transfer from Sibulan to Liloan on the Island of Cebu.

Moalboal trip 2022 -Sibulan Seaport view 01
Moalboal trip 2022 -Rechel Rhoody and Daisy the Dive Monsters 01
Moalboal trip 2022 -Maayo Shipping Boat view 04

Trip to Moalboal to Cebu Seaview Dive Resort

From that point onwards, our travel to Moalboal was out of our hands and basically organized by Kalle, the German manager of the Cebu Seaview Dive Resort. Let me try too go through the departments and the process.

Booking: Painless! I send a message what I want, got a quotation the next day with various options and suggestions, all clearly explained. I decided for one package including room, diving and breakfast and transfer from the port to resort and back.

Transfer: very convenient. Driver called us, that he is waiting at the port. Clean van, good driver who did his job well. (Some drivers in the Philippines will chew your ear off, when you really just want to get from A to B)

Resort: pretty new. Everything well maintained and logically designed. Several water dispensers around the place. Could use a bit grass here and there, but that is critics on a level, if there is nothing else to criticize.

Room: We had the premium room with veranda, facing garden and ocean. Good bed mattress, very silent aircon, mini ref, water heater, plenty of storage space and a lot of power outlets. Each diver with a camera knows, that this is at most places a pain in the b_, to get all your stuff charged. NOT at Cebu Seaview!

Restaurant: Menu was still limited after the typhoon. However, everything available was tasty and it is enough diversity to feed a family over a long weekend with yummy food. Several restaurants in walking distance.

Dive Operation (Cebu Fun Divers): Professional Operation with good rental equipment of what I saw. We had our own gear. Dive Crew is well trained and gives you a hand if needed. Dive Master did a good job, while we are easy to guide anyway.

Diving: While there is some bad damage in the shallow reefs, along the walls like below 10 meters things are much better. The Sardine-ball is spectacular anyway and turtles are that many, that one needs to push them out of the way (just kidding). Highlight was of course the whale shark at Pescador Island, which was swimming with us first on 20 meters for a bit and then swimming 30 minutes around our boat after the dive, which gave us plenty of time to snorkel with it and taking videos.

Traveling to Moalboal 2022 Video


Overall, we had a fantastic time and if I see my two ladies happy and smiling, I am happy and smile. And smiling, they did a lot!!!