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Rammstein versus Haindling

some of you know that I was a soundtech for 13 years in one of my past lifes. While surfing the net I found two videos of Bands I was touring with before. What cracked me up is that some guys out there changed the music and the video. They did it in a great professional way and it is really ammusing. read more

Linaw Beach Resort – Bohol Philippines

a 2 minute video of the beautiful Linaw Beach Resort in Panglao Bohol

and I thought I was crazy-OFF-TOPIC

The famous fartman on

Padi – Discover Scuba Diving – Video

I dedected a video of the discover scuba dive with lovely Michelle on youtube. I thought Tom her boyfriend was just making pictures, but obviously he recorded a few frequences of that dive.

That is a Rube Goldberg Machine

Maybe you know this machines which are great to watch but make no sense; They are called Rube-Goldberg-machines.