The Aqua Lung Dive Computer i200 is the first dive-computer of Mama Monster. She bought it a year ago at a local dive shop in Dumaguete and now the battery was getting pretty weak and on the last dives in Apo Island, it died on her. So, it was time to change the battery of the Aqualung i200 dive computer.

Why did we buy the Aqua Lung i200

When Dive Monster Sr. buys stuff, or gives advice, what to buy, he always considers that we are in the Philippines and spare parts are hard to get. Most shops are good in selling, but customer support is not part of the business. Good, that the replacement battery for the Aqua Lung i200 Dive Computer is available in some Shops in Dumaguete and also online for a fraction of the price.

Battery Size of the i200

The size of the i200 battery is a CR2430. That is a standard size and can be bought in many online shops. We placed a link to a Duracell CR 2430 just below, so you get one of the best Coin Batteries you can get.

While it is recommended by Aqua Lung to buy a full replacement kit, it was the first battery change, and as the dive computer was never opened and always was handled with care, the O-ring should still be in great condition. Therefore, a simple battery change should do the trick without causing problems.

Dive Monster Jr. did a great job with her own Aqua Lung i100 dive computer, so it was her job to replace the battery for Mama Monster, too. We mean her dive computer, not Mama Monster´s battery. She still runs on gasoline, not on electric.

Aqua Lung i200- Battery Replacement Tutorial

After watching this tutorial on how to replace the battery on an Aqua Lung Dive Computer i200 you may agree that she did a good job and of course, looks (like always) gorgeous.

About Aqua Lung i200 Dive Computer

The Aqua Lung i200 dive Computer is a great entry-level computer, which just does all a new diver’s wants and needs. It is a great and easy to read and shows all important data in big digits. It has four different dive modes as well as Nitrox and depth gauge. It also keeps your logbook saved after battery change.

It is available in different colors and looks cool on the wrist as a wristwatch if you are not underwater. For a price we bought it here, there are no complaints. As a new diver or a diver who does some easy recreational diving, one can´t go wrong with this little helper. The battery replacement is as easy as it can get, as you have seen in our Tutorial. If that is something you are looking for, check out the link above and pick the color which fits best to your very own gear.

Love & Full-Bat