Dive Monster Sr loves diving with his monster family. But he also loves to go solo-diving occasionally. Weeks before his birthday, he talked about solo night diving at midnight into his birthday. He had never done that before, so he thought it is a great idea. He was probably the only one thinking that, as Mama Monster was deeply concerned about his plans. But as he is a hardheaded old man, he did not listen to any concerns and did it anyway. At least he allowed Mama Monster to wait at the resort, where they stood overnight.

McMc, one of our favorite dive buddies was there for surface supervision and does keep Mama Monster company. The dive went almost as Dive Monster Sr. had planned. Just at the end, he got bitchslapped by a 3-legged turtle, which obviously was also not amused about his idea. Nobody would probably believe him, if he told in a bar, that he got attacked by a sea turtle out of the black. However, he caught it in his underwater video.

Watch our Solo Night Diving at Midnight with a 3-legged Turtle:

Even with thousands of dives under his belt, there is still something new to experience on every dive. Anyway, he survived without serious injuries and was able to gulp down copious amounts of beer afterward.

A huge special “Thank You” to Guido and Marevic of Well Beach Resort in Zamboanguita, which allowed him to go solo night diving at midnight, McMc the man in charge of surface supervision and in possession of the key for the refrigerator, where all cold beer for him was. Also, our “Thanks” to Jen, Eduardo, and their amazing crews, who always make us feel at home when we visit.

Hope you enjoyed reading and watching. Don’t hesitate to check our Dive Monster YouTube Channel where Miss Daisy, Mama Monster and I exploring the cultural wonders and differences between a big fat ugly German and two sweet lovely Philippine girls.