The Dive Monsters had so much fun making the Christmas Video in 2020, that the decision to also make “A Dive Monster Christmas Story 2021. Our plans were almost wrecked by typhoon Odette/Rai, which wrecked many places in the Central Visayas and left many people without shelter, cloths, and food. That is certainly not, what we needed here on top of the still ongoing pandemic.

However, we decided, that it is very important in times like this, to switch off all problems for a few minutes and go for a quick Christmas dive to film our Dive Monster Christmas Story 2021. The filming took place three days after the typhoon and the condition were everything else than ideal. Despite the bad conditions, just doing it created a lot of positive energy and a lot of smiles in our faces. We hope our short video will also bring a smile to you.

The Dive Monster Christmas Story 2021

It is our way to wish all our families and friends (and those who were or will become friends) a Merry Christmas. Mama Monster, Dive Monster Jr, Dive Monster Sr and Mini Monster MCx2 wish all of you a Merry Dive Monster Christmas!

Your Dive Monster Family

PS: The soundtrack is once again the wonderful gifted Kfir Ochaion with his incredible guitar interpretation of the famous Christmas song “All I want for Christmas is You”, written by Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff.