What a great Palm Sunday 2019! From waking up, taking a shower, eating breakfast, buying a lightsaber, going to Tanjay City, eating a huge burger and ending the day with desserts and sweet kisses. The Dive Monsters (along with their beloved) celebrated Palm Sunday with a lot of turns. Continue reading to find out how many times I had to change in one day. 😉

Palm Sunday – Holy Week 2019

So…for those who don’t know what Holy Week is (or for those who were not listening during Sunday Classes), here is a quick description. The celebration of the Holy Week plays an important role in the lives of Christians, Catholics and other religions that believes in Jesus’s name. The Holy Week is celebrated on the month of April with the following highlights: Palm Sunday, Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. After that, people celebrate the Eastern Sunday (which symbolizes life, rebirth and hope). Basically, it summarizes the last few days of Jesus (son of God) as man and his birth as the savior and holy ghost.

Sunday Breakfast Buffet

However, that is not the main reason why we were out. It was the Sunday breakfast buffet at Why Not? Dumaguete. FYI, Dive Monster Senior and Monster-Mama are on a tight diet for their next vacation. After a week of juicing and fruits, they had a “cheat day”! Being a good daughter, I went with them and invited my boyfriend. I took a shower and slipped into my red dress and black stockings.

(That’s outfit 1 of the day!)


City to City (Dumaguete to Tanjay)

We all realized that hanging around church wasn’t our thing. So, Dive Monster Senior went home and I went with my boyfriend on a road trip. We visited a biker friend of mine, GB Ethan, whom I’ve known since the seventh grade. We traveled to Tanjay City for about an hour.

By the time we got to Tanjay I was not wearing my red dress, but a pencil skirt with a granny grey top.

(That’s outfit 2 of the day)


My friend GB Ethan toured us to the Tanjay Boardwalk as we caught up with the gossips. After walking around and having some ice cream sandwich, it was time to slowly head back. My boyfriend and I bid GB Ethan and his lovely parents bye-bye.

Dinner at Casablanca

We arrive in Dumaguete just past six in the evening. I changed into a sleeveless red dress by then. (That’s outfit 3 of the day!)

Dive Monster Senior & Mama-Monster were at C & L Bayview having some snacks & beer. We came to a conclusion to eat dinner in one of our favorite restaurants in Dumaguete…Casablanca! We got there and ordered our drinks, then our appetizers and main. We ordered barley soup, seafood pot, pork tenderloin with pepper sauce and their new edition of Fat Austrian (450 grams of beef, fries, onion rings, 3 kinds of cheese, chips, 3 salsa and jalapeno).

Ending with Desserts

After a good amount of mouth watering food, we decided to stuff our bellies with some desserts. We ordered ice cream at Le Chalet (Why Not?) Dumaguete. We had different ice creams. There was mocha, chocolate, mango, rum soaked fruits, baileys, whipped cream and almonds served. After partaking and satisfying my sweet tooth we went home safe and sound.

That basically concludes our celebration of Palm Sunday. Eating great food with the ones I love, meeting an old friend, changing three times and of course spending time with the family. *deep exhale* it was indeed a great day!

Let’s see what else this Holy Week has to offer.