Grab your shotguns, shovel, and your alibi because I have a boyfriend!

That’s right folks. As part of my adaptation and “blending in”, Dive Monster Jr. is officially in a relationship. (intense sound effect) The very first question most people would think of would probably be “Why?”. Well, after years of observing and trying new things, I felt like I was still missing a piece of my jigsaw puzzle in me. When is a better day to reveal it to you lovely folks, than the month of love and the day of love…Valentine’s Day!

Love Surprise!!!

Here is where I really get all of you…we are actually in a relationship for a while now! I’m dedicating this story/post/article/confession to formally introduce you to my boyfriend because I think it’s about time. I’m definitely tying a red ribbon on this one. Let’s start by revealing his name…(drum roll)…his name is Timothy Charles AKA “Tim”.

Mr. Potato Head

Aside from me, he is into a lot of other things. He is into cycling (talk about great legs eheem) and reading books. He also mentioned before that he used to read the newspaper just for the trading section. He likes to cook and to travel. Overall, I would say that he is “husband material”. No, I’m not getting married…yet. All I’m saying is that he is responsible. This responsible side of him is what makes him so caring and I just feel safe when ever I’m around him. If you want to know more about him…go ask him yourself! I don’t have all the time in the world to describe how awesome my boyfriend is😉. On the contrary, I have enough time to tell you a story…in which our two souls collided.

A Beginning of the Past

I actually met my boyfriend a few years back while I was visiting one of my mom’s friend. We were quite young and didn’t know much of what people now a day call “love”. But one thing for sure he was a good swimmer and I enjoyed watching him compete with his cousin in my mom’s friend’s family pool. Here is a mind-blowing thing…we met on February 2014! Totally not a coincidence hehehe

Anyways, a few years forward and we started chatting. He wasn’t much of a social type of person, but neither was I. We had some common grounds and continued chatting. However, this stopped when we were in high school. Such bummer huh?

Going Back to the Future!

Okay so we didn’t have much verbal nor social updates from each other in like forever. But last December 2018, I saw him online and had a good feeling to just chat him. Then boom! Everything went uphill from then. From chatting to phone calls, from phone calls to text, from text to first date, to second date, and etc.

Although we haven’t spent much time together, being with him feels like we have traveled lives together. Everything seems to fall in the right place. Is this what people really call love? Maybe this is just a stage a unique specie like I am undergoes during her stage of adulthood. Who knows? Not even the All Mighty Bacon God nor the Great Spaghetti Monster can answer this. Whatever it is…I am happy. 😊

May you guys also have a great Valentine’s Day ahead of you! 💕💕💕Spread the love to you family, friends and your partners. You’ll be hearing from me soon.