The Austrian owned Restaurant Casablanca in Dumaguete is one of the best restaurants in Dumaguete and this region.

A wide mediterranian selection and Guenthers art of cooking is well known for quality. That in combination with his outgoing personality will give you an outstanding dining experience in Dumaguete.

Casablanca has also a Deli with a nice selection of imported sausages, cheese and ham and canned stuff. If you want something different, just have a Sampler from Casablanca’s Sushibar. The neat small sushibar is perfect for your and you darling to have a romantic evening with some exotic delights.

Who wants it a bit more rustically orders a German Haxn and one of the over 20 imported beer. Guenther the Owner asked me to take some Pictures for his Casablanca-Website, so I spent some time there and enjoyed free food and drinks, here is a small selection of the pictures which didn’t make it to the Casablanca webpage:

If you ever are in Dumaguete don’t miss out to visit the IMHO best Restaurant in Dumaguete. If you go there, please don’t tell the staff that I posted the pictures here in my blog…