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Cave Diving – simply amazing

I was thinking about posting that Video of a cave dive, as it has nothing to do with the Philippines. Than I remembered my friend in Puerto Galera Dave Ross, who runs Tech Asia and the fire in his eyes when he spoke about that kind of stuff … in his case more wreck diving and the shiny eyes were not from the Beer in the Point bar…

Matt Reed is also one of the highest qualified Technical Diving instructors in the Philippines, now working out of Dumaguete, but you can dive with him all over the Philippines.

Matt explored some of the flooded caves in Mabinay, what was as of my knowledge the first exploration there and is ready to do more.

Cave-diving is safe if the diver follows the rules. Of course it is an overhead environment and the risk is higher than gliding on top of the Coral gardens in Dauin. You need the proper training, equipment, health and skills …

for all who have no clue what I am talking about, take your headphones and 8 minutes to watch the following amazing video about cave diving in mexico…

I hope you liked


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  • rechel says:

    wow… papa its really great video …. its really excitement… i never been experience cave diving…. but trough watching this… its really wow wow wow.. i’m holding my breath here just watching it…. and i cant take my eye watching this video..with my mouth open too while watching… hehehhehe

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