(Family Christmas Photo of 2018)

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where people decorate the tree, bake cookies, buy presents and wrap gifts with red ribbons😉. I have to be honest that I am not the most religious person and I don’t believe that going to church and praising statues will save you from hell. (Add to that is…is there really such thing as hell? Or is it just an imaginary place with people fear about?) However, Christmas is still something I celebrate. There is more to the actual giving than receiving which makes Christmas special for me.

Christmas in the Philippines

As early as the month of August, the Christmas spirit and decorations can be seen and felt here in Dumaguete City. Shopping centers and restaurants slowly decorate their business with Christmas ornaments and play Christmas music. Since the Philippines is located near the equator, we celebrate Christmas the tropical way…bright and warm. Instead of snowball fights, we have sand castles. Instead of layers of blankets, we wear bikinis and Speedos. But for those who aren’t an ocean and beach lovers, there are a lot of other things to do during Christmas in the Philippines.


However, just like anywhere else in the world…the Christmas tree is lit, the presents flood the floors and the food is being cooked. Every family has a Christmas story to tell and a Christmas story to live. I could say that my Christmas this year was truly eventful and interesting with lots of twist.


Shopping for Christmas!!!

This year’s Christmas shopping was so much fun because Dive Monster Senior and I went to town for Christmas Shopping. We didn’t buy a lot but let’s just say we put a lot of effort and thought to each gift we bought. The trickiest gift (in my opinion) was for our beloved mother. We had to go to the “women’s paradise” and “men’s lost forest” for her gift…We went to Watson! Yup, we went shopping for makeup and beauty stuff hahaha. After that, we went to Casablanca Restaurant for a bite to eat and went home.

Watch our Christmas Shopping video below:


So yeah! It was a fun day just getting out of the house and buying Christmas presents for our loved ones. After the shopping, of course, there comes the wrapping! While others were busy cooking and minding their own stuff, I was busy placing red ribbons on my presents with the help of a dear friend. Another thing we couldn’t avoid was going back to the city every time we forget something small. I could not count how many times I went back and forth to town just to buy another bottle of wine or another pack of butter hahaha.


Finally, it was Christmas Eve and we were all busy preparing for a grand feast. My mom was the over all chef, but my brother helped in cooking the barbeque while I helped in baking and preparing desserts. Dinner was served around 1900 hours (7:00 pm). We all sat down and feasted on our delicious Christmas Eve dinner.

Watch our “On the Spot” Christmas Eve Video here:


Everyone else were drinking water, soda and juice…yet there I was sipping wine. After dinner, we all rested and made our way to our rooms. I, on the other hand, grabbed the rest of the bottle and called my friends greeting them a Merry Christmas. I waited until midnight for the exchanging of gifts. I received a variety of gifts, both material and non-material.

What I was mostly thankful for this year was being surrounded by people who loves and supports me. My family, my dog, my friends and everyone else I care about. That was the best gift I got for Christmas 💖

 I hope you all had a great holiday as I did. Merry Christmas to you all!!!