What is the brand name of Contraceptive Pills are really efficient to use? This is  Most of the woman asking about.

That’s every woman thinking about when they decide to use  contraceptive method to avoid giving birth.

A lot of woman been searching for what brand of the  pills witch is really best for them. Some of this woman they go for searching online with Pill is really works good for them. But its seems like they  need to try more different kinds of  Pills after two to 3 months using the pills they might think is good… Then after few months they will see some changes in their body figure and even in skin especially their faces will develop some pimples and some time its really oily skin. They need to invest more money in first place to avoid pregnancy and by getting ugly cause of using this pills witch is not really they want because of the side effect.

Woman taking Pills been experience some chest pain its one of the side effect by taking   of this Pills because they develop into pimple shape of there body. They don’t want to see their face anymore on the mirror. They look  like a  pimple in gigantic size version plus  there faces having so much it too and sometime they experience shortness of   breath that they don’t want to breath anymore as they see their face looks like jackfruit and if you touch it, its feels like sandpaper if its not yet really develop into really pimple size. Chest pain that they get insulted by there own partner or friends recognizing that they having so much of this pimple and gaining weight..

Taking Pills and having chest pain seem like they don’t want to breathe in anyway. Not because it’s expensive than the generic brand of medicine it’s because of the side effect of this kind of Contraceptive Pill. Its also been written in the description of this pills that some of this side effect will occur like “HEAD ACHE “ “LEGS PAIN” or “ ARM PAIN ” will experience and “NUMBNESS” too…. So don’t be surprise… head ache is also side effect keep  tem thinking  why there are not slim as they are like before..  legs pain also is because they have to do some work out and do some more exercise  just to loose some weight.  Woman feels so depressive, Because they think that they are not attractive and not pretty anymore, they look like 30 years old older than there real age.”GAINING WEIGTH” is also effect and of course hiding their face and body because of this strange things growing on their face. And NUMBNESS is because they have to go for jugging and people will see how fat they are now not like before they look
nicer.  Numbness will experience that they still have to feel pretty even they are not anymore…

A lot of woman now been trying more and more different brand of  pills and experience different side effect from each kind Contraceptive Pills they take.

Every woman have to visit there doctor to make it sure that they really got and see what is really efficient to use as a contraceptive  pills.