Most of our non-diving friends probably not know what a Critter Challenge is. Critters for Scuba divers means all that tiny weird creatures one can find below the surface of the ocean. We are not talking about Dive Monster Junior here, but about small frogfish, crabs, seahorses and the likes. A fellow scuba diver, who is also an avid underwater videographer, going by the name Critter Hunter on his YouTube Channel, challenged several other divers around the globe to find different famous critters. Our Critter challenge was to find a seahorse, with extra points to find a pygmy seahorse.

Critter Challenge accepted!

When checking our Dive Monster YouTube Channel on day, we saw the message, that we were challenged. We did not even think twice and accepted the challenge. This had to be official, and so we made an official “Critter Hunter Challenge accepted!” video, which you can see below.

Finding Nemo the Seahorse

There are several spots in Dauin, where one can find seahorses on a regular basis. We also know a spot where the famous pygmy can be found. The big challenge was actually going to the dive-sites. At present times all resorts are closed, and we only can make shore entries, as there are no dive boats. So the pygmy seahorse might be a bit out of reach, as Dive Monster Senior may run out of air, before even reaching the actual spot. However, Junior had an outstanding idea how we would not only win the Critter Challenge, but also get the extra score for the pygmy.

Going Critter Hunting

After we set a day, we organized our transportation and the tanks. We got those again from Apo Scuba in Dauin, which are a reliable provider to us since the pandemic lock down here. They deliver tanks and weights to several dive-sites in Dauin and surrounding areas. The latter will cost a small delivery fee.

We like to go diving relatively early, so we can enjoy a deserted beach and are alone under water. Said and done, we were in the water just after 8:00 am. While the seahorse hunt was an important part of our dive, the most crucial aspect of each of our dives is having fun! And it happened like almost each dive, we had a plan, but also had so much fun, that we did not even reach the spot we wanted to go. Therefore, we didn´t get any seahorse in front of our lens but returned from the wonderful underwater world with a big smile and a lot of other creatures which joined us. For our second dive we here a bit more focused on the actual challenge. But before using more words, just watch the video, as a video always says more than 100 words.

Critter Challenge – Seahorse Edition completed!

As seen in the video, we completed not only two fantastic dives, but also scored the extra points. Maybe not exactly in the way Critter Hunter was expecting, but certainly in a very creative way. All together it was great fun and a nice way to connect with different divers from all over the world, who got challenged, too. Nevertheless, we had to get back to some “real-world” work to fill the ref and finance our next diving, which should not take too long. Let´s see which critters will show up then, to see the two Dive Monsters.

Happy Critter Hunting