On our first evening in Dapitan, I went with my family to Gloria’s Fantasyland in Dapitan and was more than surprised.

Entrance of Gloria's Fantasyland in Dapitan

Entrance of Gloria’s Fantasyland in Dapitan

The place is spotless and very well maintained. A huge difference to the normal, rather scary, rusty, and squeaky rides you find usually in the Philippines.


Fantasyland Dapitan - Map of Attractions

Fantasyland Dapitan – Map of Attractions

Rides at Fantasyland Dapitan

The rides were included in the entrance fee. The big screwdriver  roller-coaster was still being built, but there was enough to do for spending a great time. Staff was very accommodating. They had several slower coaster for younger kids as well as a nice medium sized one.  Different Carousels for all ages and a bumper car thingy was also of course included in the entrance fee.

With Dapitan being not the center of the world, Fantasyland is not crowded. There was no falling in line and we rode the bumper cars almost 30 minutes and my kids had a total blast.

The bull tries desperately to escape

The bull tries desperately to escape

We heard rumors, that the bull resigned the next day, so bull-riding might not be available anymore.

The go-carts, the haunted house and a special small cinema cost extra. However the 10 minute guided tour through the haunted house is absolutely great. And highly recommended.

Daily Show at Gloria’s Fanyasyland in Dapitan

Most surprising for me personally was the shoe at the center-stage. Having worked 15 years in the live entertainment business, all I can say, this was the most professional show I have ever seen in the Philippines. All speakers were working, the volume level was appropriate (everybody who ever heard Philippine speaker, no matter for what it is used, know what I mean) and the artists on stage were nothing less than professionals, performing some great numbers with artistic on international level.


Part of the Show at Fantasyland in Dapitan

Part of the Show at Fantasyland in Dapitan

The lights were not just flickering around like operated by a retard monkey; no ! All was perfectly fitted to the performance.

High up , under the roof

High up in the air

The entrance fee was 500 peso per person, includes all rides and it is worth each single centavo. Even an older fart like me enjoyed the hours in Fantasyland. Those rides I did not join, I simply enjoyed the shining eyes of my kids and the smiles and laughter of the other guests.

Board with Prices for Gloria's Fantasyland

Board with Prices for Gloria’s Fantasyland

Fantasyland is located in an entertainment complex, where plenty of restaurants of all kinds, live entertainment and various shops are located. I think the happy faces of my little family are the easiest way to judge if the place is worth a visit.

While everybody going to Dapitan talks about Dakkak Beach Resort, I personally think that Gloria’s Fantasyland is definitely a must do. Living in Dumaguete, I don’t need to pay to go to a beach, but I understand that it is something special for others.