I received a letter from a Dumaguete company  about one a Topic what is sad for the World of Diving as that company probably need to destroy one of the worlds best Macro-Divespots.

The Dumaguete Coconut Mills Inc. will renovate “The Pier” or “Ducomi” as it is known in the diving world.

Right while typing that article, local experts and dive-operators meet, to talk about any solution for saving or relocating at least parts of this wonderful dive-site.  

Here is the letter as send out by the corporation.


                Just recently, the Board of Directors of DUCOM approved the budget for the repair of the steel piles and concrete slabs and beams of our pier. This project was supposed to be scheduled early this year but we held it in abeyance the approval of the owners.

                We deeply regret to say that this project necessitates the scraping of the nudibranches and other living things which consider the pillars as their home but we have to undertake such costly move in order to avoid further damage to our installation. If we don’t do this now, we would be incurring much greater cost in the future, which we can’t afford.

                The project is scheduled to start this coming month and the contractor will be mobilizing this weekend. As we have no idea yet on the details of their repair methology, we remain hanging on our decision whether or not to continue allowing diving on the early stages while creatures still exist for the nature lovers to see.

                What a waste, but we have no choice. We hope to preserve, conserve, retrieve or replace those marine beauties for them to still be visible after the repair works. Frankly we need them as a living proof that our industrial effluent is not polluted. It took years for them to build up on the pillars; we don’t want to loose them in a wink of an eye.

                If you have any suggestions or comment about their conservation, please feel free to communicate with us. We need environmentalists like you.


                                                                                                                Sincerely yours,               


                                                                                                                Romunaldo S. Domingo

                                                                                                                Plant Manager

I hope we find a solution to safe at least a little bit about this unique underwater paradise.