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Emergency Visit in Manila – The Hold-Up

When I arrived from Dumaguete to Manila, I catch taxi to drive me down to Parola compound Tondo Manila… I had terrible experience down there at the Delpan bridge  going to pier 2 north area…  just at the middle of the street under the bridge, the street going to  Divisoria  public market…

just in the middle of the traffic when the driver had to pull over and I got out from the taxi a young teenager came and grab my shoulder bag…  I was so nervous and shock when I saw his sharp knife when he said “GIVE ME YOUR BAG NOW” STAY CLAM AND DON’T MAKE ANY SCANDAL S  or  ELSE I WILL KILL YOU WITH THIS”  he want to hit me with his knife … I didn’t feel that he already hit and my left arm got slice by his knife, maybe while he was following me,  just right after I went out from the taxi his knife has already hits my left arm…    I was yelling and asking for help…  when I saw my arm bleeding … some motor bike tricycle help me and some pedicab driver hold the young hold-upper …

The taxi driver went out from his car and hit the teenager boy… the police came and hold this teenager hold-upper.. But at that time I got already my wound in my left arm… its not a deep one, but it hurts and bleeding so much at that time…  the police grab this boy and bring him to barangay hall. I file a case for what he did to me even he doesn’t get any of my bags….

This experience, happen to me is just terrible.   This experience can be happen again and again in any of the those people living in this area… lucky for those who haven’t experience it yet..

This situations show that those guys doing bad things like this are desperate and they don’t care of there life’s for what ever happen… its sad that they have to do it just to survive and have food in there plates..

And it makes me more sad, if I think that the money they earn from this way is just  wasted and used to support there bad habit like taking drugs , alcoholic drink and get drunk to death  and more… ect…

It is sad to think that they loose there pride, confidence, good ability in earning clean money  just to have enough  money for their everyday  living…

This happens at any places when young people are desperate and don’t have any options for the future… this guys don’t have dreams, inspirations and chance to improve them self and see the beauty of life to enjoy it…  without hurting somebody else or to enjoy there life with out any victims just for there own interest.

It is a dream of no fear, no limits of being happy in this world…

that way we could do things with out second thought of what would happen … kids are safe and don’t get hurt buy this situations and don’t take revenge for the future… or they just doing this just because  they are not  contented for what  they can do for living.. or its just really not enough money they can earn so they have to force them self to do this terrible way of their business or making money…


The government?
The place where they are in?? or the situations????
The parents  and the families they came from? ???

Or them self that they cant take this kind of life anymore…

That way they waste their life while enjoying the money they earn in bad way???
Is this the life we can be proud of to our kids, to our families, to our government, to out country???

MAKE UP YOUR MIND, LIVE WITH DIGNITY, PRIDE, HONESTY, and DO SOMETHING GOOD for your SELF your kids, family, community, and in our country… even in our small little way…

It’s for the next generations; it’s for our lives and for yourself too…

All the best


2 Responses to Emergency Visit in Manila – The Hold-Up

  • John(Jellyfish) says:

    Hi Rechel, I already heard about it on the forum when a member made notice ot your story.
    Only now I have read the whole story.
    Lucky you that he did not harm you more than the wound at your arm. It could have been a whole different story when only something had gone worse.
    Have a good day tomorrow with your Rudi and your daughter to celebrate Rudi’s birthday.
    He is getting older and older (hahahaha)

    John (Jellyfish)

  • rechel says:

    thanks kuya Jelly…
    im just so lucky that this teenager boy is not really professional in his job., and i still have my life… its really nice that you post a happy birthday tread for papa Rhoody,, i know he dont like it but its seems he just don’t want to publish that he is getting near 40 years old????? did i mention old???? hehehhe….. as that time you post it we’re already in town for some beers…
    wish to have some beers with you and wife.. hehehhe…

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