I was so busy in the preparation of my daughters first periodic exam in her school, when I receive a call that my grand father is in the hospital… he had a high blood pressure and got stroke..  a month after he got bitten my wild  street dog, in the slum area… Parola – Tondo, Manila..

He need attentions and care from his family , this grand father is no relative, but we treat him as our own grandfather…  this old man is my mother’s aunties husband, we  respect him so much as our mother treat this old man as her own father… This old guy take care of me since I am  little girl… he treat me as his own daughter…. This old man treat me as his grand daughter and his own daughter too…  he called me “Anak” means  “son for a boy and daughter for a girl”

My love and respect for a father is what I feel for him… because of this emergency situations I have to leave my little princess and  my great papa take caring of my little girl Daisy…  I am so thankful that my boyfriend respect and understand me…  I also thank him that he support me just  to help and see this grand father even in the last time,,, as we both don’t know if he will stay longer here in his critical condition and situation as he is so old seek and so weak…  this old man can’t even move his left arm and help him self to go to the rest room or taking shower by his self… even when he is eating he need somebody to take care of him because he can’t even hold the spoon and focus to his food on his plate ….

“What I can help for this old man?..” is the first question I ask to my self…

“What I should do to help him?”.. is my second question to my self…

That time I’m in the middle of situation that I have to choose what to do and where to go…  I talk to my boyfriend and he understand me … after 4 days of planning and getting ready, he booked my flight to Manila.