For some, the idea of reaching your legality may be exciting, scary and maybe even both.  As I approach my birthday I feel more and more scared than excited. Being 18 years old means you are more or less free to do whatever you like. But being 18 years old also means having responsibilities and taking care of one’s self.

The “Birth Month Sickness”

I call it the birth-month-sickness because unlike the other months of the year, my birth months usually tend to freak me out in so many emotional ways possible. At first, I feel so excited to be finally one year older, excited about the presents, greetings, and warm smiles. At a point of the month before my actual birthday, I feel depressed because of the responsibilities I must face and that I might never be as happy as I used to be when I was young, wild and free. It is a weirdly mixed emotion of wanting to be with people and being alone. It must sound crazy but it’s not as impossible as blending CDs and rake handles in a blender.

What makes an 18th Birthday special?

Living in the Philippines, the legal age to drink and get married is 18 years old. Most countries in the world have this as well. Most teenage girls in the Philippines celebrate their birthday party in gowns, sparkly shoes, 18 candles and 18 boys who should dance with you around the dance floor….this is what you call a debut. I have only been once to a debut birthday party of my friend. I think that one experience was all I need to know how all the debuts are celebrated.

Being unique species, a Dive Monster does not necessarily need to celebrate his or her 18th Birthday Party in gowns and roses. Here are a bunch of ideas I have piled for my upcoming big day so far.

Birthday Celebration Ideas:

  • Diving in Malapascua
  • Family & Friends Dinner in Casablanca
  • Alone time at the Beach
  • Bar Hopping with Family/Friends
  • Treat Myself at the Salon

Hope I think of a plan fast and make everything great for my big day. I’m ready to write about it soon.