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Here is some story that maybe you guys don’t know yet…. As of mine before  I also don’t know it, but I read some history of where Tacloban City get that name from… and why and some of it is my grand mother told me.

In the barrio of Basay Samar, there is a place name Kankabato its  developed from a small fishing village. The word Tacloban evolved from the word “Taklub“, it look like a basket but its a contraption for catching fish and crabs…. When people ask  the fisher man, where he is going… the fisher man answer “in Tarakluban” mean in Kankabato using his “Taklub” to catch some fish…. Later on the word express in shorter way… “Tacloban”

Tacloban city has the final approval   came on February 16, 1830 as a capital of the province of Leyte.

Tacloban city is where our former first lady Mrs: Imelda  Romualdez  Marcos from..  and now form Rumualdez clan, the  Tacloan city mayor  is Mr: Alfred Romualdez.

There has a lot of changing in this place… new public market and bus terminals…. And new department stores… not like before when I was  little Rechel…  here is a short story about Tacloban City..

With  in the time of their term.. The 20 years in service as a President  of the Philippines  the legend and   hero Mr:Ferdinand Marcos  and  his wife Mrs Imelda Romualdez  Marcos plan to connect  Leyte and Samar…  one of the place where people of Leyte and Samar  proud of..

The San Juanico bridge was constructed in 1973 during the administration of the late President  Mr:Ferdinand Marcos, the bridge is supported by 43 spans that rise 41 meters above the sea. Its also the longest  bridge in the Philippines. One of the spots people want to see when they visit the city of Tacloban.

This  city is well-known also for its role in Word war II, being a major base for the US forces and the first town liberated by  Douglas MacArthur’s  forces from the Japanese Imperial Forces, and its serve as a capital of the Philippines… because for  in that time Manila was under Japanese control. its happen late 18 century. When peace finally,… Mr: Rojas was designated chief of Police of Tacloban and a company of American soldiers was placed under his command..

In February 1901, the first American military governor of Leyte is   name  Col. Murray, assumed in his office… He had only one aim in mind: “gain the friendship of the people by getting their confidence”..

Tacloban awakened to see Japanese imperial forces in its midst On May 24, 1942. For little more than two years, it suffered from hunger, terror and brutalities of the invaders as because the ugliness of war.

But people never forgot to pay homage to their Patron saint, Sr. Santo Niño, by celebrating the town fiesta and  One such big commemoration was on the fiesta of 1843, on June 30 where an industrial and agricultural fair was held in the old Leyte park…  Because this celebration the hate and sorrow of war were forgotten, so that’s way its became one of the most remembered carnivals in town ever held.

This Leyte Park is also a nice place in Tacloban City

Leyte was the first in the itinerary of MacArthur’s return route to the Philippines.. its October 20, 1944. People in Leyte celebrate this day too. People  are Chewing gun, cigarettes, chocolates , candy’s and wide American smiles its symbolize of friendship and freedom. According to My grand mother story as this is long time ago.  And Now this place called MacArthur Park. And Every October 20 people celebrates, the landing of MacArthur.its also  cold the place Leyte Gulf landing. As  it’s the place itinerary of MacArthur’s return route to the Philippines and this place is one on the list of the parks in Leyte.

The fiesta in Tacloban is every June 30 its calld The Patron saint, Sr. Santo Niño. This Festival called Pentadus  festival… some small municipalities join the parade and street dancing. The leader of each participants gracefully dancing with the image Sr. Santo Niño … its colorful festival… people are using paint for decors and paint them self too… and even the audience and local putting paint to other audience… as a remembrance of the celebrations.

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