Just as I roamed yesterday through the streets of Dumaguete I came across La Piccolo (The Small) which happened to soft-open yesterday. Of course I needed to stop there and  had a test – bite to eat.

La Piccolo is located in Noblefranca Street just next to Garahe (or however that famous hang-out is called) and has a tradition in “another lost chance” Italian Restaurant at or close to the Boulevard.

As it was soft opening I was told upon entry that there is only Pizza available but to special opening price of 150 Peso only.

The menu promotes that all Pizza are good for 2 Person. That was exactly what I was looking for as I had nothing to eat the whole day and can eat and look like 2 Person anyway. The Restaurant underwent a little bit a remodeling and has a very warm atmosphere.

My only critic point are some very strange painted stars on some red plywood under the ceiling. I wanted to order an “Angry Italian Pizza” (what I guess is a kind of sneaky side-punch to the two former Italian owners) but they did not have all ingredients, so I went for the “Death by formaggi” (4 kinds of cheese).

While waiting I studied the menu of La Piccolo and was surprised about the (in my honest opinion) low price. I was expecting a higher price as I also expect quality and not that crappy stuff like in some “faked Italian Restaurants” in Dumaguete. There is a big variety of Pizza for 249 Peso and 5 gourmet Pizza for 295 Peso. All different Pasta Dishes are between 149 and 175 Peso and Il Piccolo claims that the Pasta is  daily fresh homemade.  The soups and Antipasti are between 110 and 160 Peso. All together La Piccolo seems to me very reasonable priced, at least for what dishes promise on the menu.

My Pizza came after 10 Minutes and it was huge. The small problem was that it is just not possible to make pictures from that cheese-monster, well I tried but with all that melted cheese it just looks a bit like the “Death by Formaggi” was hit by a bomb. Anyway, the “live-view” was promising and it also tasted very good. I finished all and was pretty much stuffed. I think there is just a little work needed on the dough, which was actually very thin like I love my Pizza, also taste wise ok, just not he best I had in Dumaguete, that price goes to Italia. All the toppings were of high quality and not the cheap Quickmelt-Crap what you get in a famous place in the same price-range.

All in all a very pleasing experience and I will be back soon to taste more of the big menu. I will have no problem to pay 295 Peso for that huge Pizza and it is already one step above the Hayahay Pizza for me. Well if they would go back to quality-cheese it would be a closer race, as Hayahay scores of course with the location.

Anyway, I cross my fingers that La Piccolo will be successful and can only recommend La Piccolo as a nice Italian Restaurant in Dumaguete.