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Just another great week of Scuba diving in Dumaguete

Just finished another great week of diving and teaching. While my friends in Luzon complained about bad weather, it couldn’t be much better here in Dumaguete.  Blue Sky, flat water and great visibility in the whole area.

Mike from the Adventure Dive Shop called me up last Sunday to teach some classes for him so I started Linda from Australia and Nicky from England to teach them the Open Water course.

The whole week together was just a blast and I had so much fun with that lovely couple. They were well prepared and paid attention to everything. I am sure the great conditions and the turtles on their very first open water dive was also encouraging them to run through the theory and skills with flying colors.

Midweek Dave from England joined them to do a refresher after some years of being out of the water. The week ended with a great trip to Apo Island. We were guided by some dolphins on our way to Apo Island, were the two finished their last course dive at chapel point, a nice wall with wonderful coral-gardens on top to do the safety stop.

So it was time for the first real fun-dive. I decided to go with them on a drift-dive, as they I was sure they are confident in the water and stay close to me. When we came to the huge school of Jackfish, I grasped both at the tank-valve and pulled them into the middle of thousands of Mamsa (Local term for Jackfish). Nose in the current and hard fining we spend a couple of minutes in the middle of these beautiful creatures.

The third dive on Rock Point was relaxing and just before we went on the boat to head back to Dauin, a turtle passed and waved us bye-bye.

Well, back at Mikes Diveshop we finished the paperwork and I signed the log-books. Here is where things started to become a bit weird.  I am really not sure what made Linda and Nicky drawing that stuff in their Log-book, but I guess they will have to answer this question each time they enter a Diveshop…

Hope you two guys have a great time in Palawan…. and don’t forget body position and exhaling are the secrets of diving… Thanks for diving with me… I had a great week with you two



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  • Linda &Nicky says:

    Hey Rhoody,

    We loved reading your blog, especially seeing the the accurate pics of the giant starfish 🙂 Thanks for writing about the week, it was intense but we learnt so much from you, you are the master of dive masters! We were so lucky that you taught us.

    So we are in Coron, we did three wreck dives yesterday! It was so amazing, we saw lots of marine life and we even penetrated some wrecks too! It was awesome! Linda went in first and i came from behind, haha, actually i would have gotten lost if she wasnt wearing flourescent flippers. We penetrated some monsters, im sure you would’ve loved that!! Still, it wasnt the same without you, our guide knew a lot about the area but he wasnt as dive-savvy, friendly and fun as you! We felt more confident diving with all the knowledge and tips you gave us.

    You would’ve have been impressed with our bouyancy too as we swam through tight spots, relaxed and comfortable remembering your secret tip of exhaling. All in all it was so much fun, and with the guidance we received from you, we will go on to relish our next future fun dives! 🙂

    Rhoody the man the legend! Thanks for teaching us and next time you see a funny looking starfish hope you remember us!

    Good luck with your websites and your diving and expert teaching!

  • Stevie Fiorella says:

    Thanks for this wonderful sharing of this. How much time did it cause you to create such a site? Did you outsource it? Just to share that Alexa bar is a wonderful tool to measure the popularity of your site. You may want to check it out when you have time. Cheers!

  • Rhoody says:

    Thanks Stevie,

    just don’t forget to stick to the rules when using articles from other sources, in your case ezines, where you are supposed to link to the source AND to publish the author bio including the links in there. Everything else just sucks …

  • Hello, nice post..would love to read more about you post.
    I haven’t experience diving but love to do it..hehehe.. 😉

  • Rhoody says:

    well, “Scuba Diving Philippines” to experience Scuba diving should not be too hard for you…

    But I need to warn you as some Shops just don’t practice what they preach. Exotic in Malapascua for example is not really appropriate for learning to dive. A former OW-student of mine was there with me and some other friends and they forced him into the advanced course as Monad is too deep (I was not allowed to teach him using their facilities, as they needed to make the money).

    Well, fair enough, but than taking a student without much experience AND without knowing him on the first Advanced dive (Navigation) to 28 meter!!! is just ridiculous. The Instructor even lost the student during the navigation skill and the student surfaced alone.

    For someone who wants to experience diving like you, Instructor-Behavior like that can be simply life-threatening. So if you choose to learn Scuba Diving, choose your Dive-Shop wisely !

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