I met the boys at Wendys and definitely had no intention to eat another Burger after the 1,5 and a half a few hours earlier in Burgerking. Well, that changed pretty quickly and who can say “NO” to a juicy looking “Baconator”. The Baconator at Wendys was the highlight that far and tasted almost like the picture promised.

Stuffed like a turkey on thanksgiving I rolled the 5 Minutes to the I-MAX to watch “AVATAR”. A few words to that, I am absolutely not into Science Fiction and Fantasy and before I watch stuff like Lord of the Rings I would eat a Fishhead-Balut-Pizza.

Our seats were central in row 7 and the screen is just huge. To my very own surprise I had a great experience watching that movie in 3-D. The world created in the movie is a lot of stuff I see under water and is just breathtaking. The story is nice and the 3D effects great. The 2.5 hour movie was not 1 minute boring and at the end of the day I was glad to join the guys for the movie. I actually don’t know if I would enjoy the movie on a normal screen but after that experience I don’t wanna find out and won’t watch it again. I don’t wanna destroy or question that experience.

I did destroy this movie illusions already many times, I am sure plenty of my reader did the same. Remember when we were all young and watched “Karate Kid” and similar movies 15 – 20 years back, great movies, diba? Well did you ever watch that movie in the last 2 years and were wondering where the excitement has gone ? They were great movies at that time but well, that time is over. All Chuck Norris movies, Rambo and Rocky belong to the same kind… RIP.

Anyway our driver picked us up and we were on the way back to AC, of course not without another stop-over at Burger King and the peer-pressure forced me to have another BBQ-Burger. One of the BIG Boys had another for take out plus a extra large “Blizzard” from Dairy Queen. An hour before midnight I entered the holy halls of Kim and Tom and counted the Burgers the last 36 hours not without promising myself never to repeat that again.