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Mikes Dive and Beach Resort in Dauin – Dumaguete

Mikes Beach Resort in Dumaguete or better in Dauin is soon to open its gates. The Beach and Dive Resort had a tough head to head fight with Robinsons Dumaguete but finally made it and opens earlier.

Everybody who knows Mike from the Adventure Dive Shop in Dumaguete knows that his Beach and Dive Resort in Dauin was a big dream which finally comes true. As I am working as a freelancing dive instructor for the Adventure Dive Shop, I saw the growth and progress of the Dive Resort construction site in Dauin and know some of the troubles Mike went through.

Sometimes I still wonder how he can keep his great attitude with all that crap. Well I guess seeing the dream grow helps a lot.

Mikes Dauin Beach Resort will be a great place for guys who want to relax and having a great  time in a family atmosphere. With only 8 rooms and the huge pool it is designed very spacious and won’t get crowded.

The rooms of Mikes Beach and Dive Resort in Dauin have 2 categories and are priced with 2000 and 2500 peso. With that prices he will cover a market for guests and travelers which don’t or can’t stay in other Beach and Dive resorts in Dauin which charge over 100$ and more than 100 peso for a local beer.

But relaxing and Diving is not all Mike offers in his new Beach Resort 15 kilometer south of Dumaguete. He will tailor you a customized program for your non diving days whether you want some adventures or just a city trip to buy some souvenirs.

The kitchen of Mikes Beach Resort will have extended menu of his Waterfront Café in Dumaguete which is well known for its Mexican delights and burger. Well my favorite is still the breakfast until closing time.

So from my side all the best to Mike, Joan and his team of the Dumaguete Beach Resort in Dauin.



4 Responses to Mikes Dive and Beach Resort in Dauin – Dumaguete

  • L.A. says:

    Question: Can guests bring their own food and drinks? If not, how much do they charge?

  • Rhoody says:

    LA, I actually don’t think so, but there is a wide strip of beach in front, where a nice picnic is possible.



  • L.A. says:

    Thanks, Rhoody.

  • John(Jellyfish) says:

    I wish Mike all the best with his nice but small dive resort.
    He indeed has had a lot of courage and even more persistence to bring this to what it has become now.
    He is indeed a great guy who can keep laughing with his customers even when his head is busy with solving a range of problems.
    Good luck Mike.
    I hope you’re gonna make it. People won’t regret to stay there, I’m sure.

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