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Moalboal Trip – Using Public Transport from Dumaguete

Trip to Moalboal from Dumaguete

After a short cut trip to Angeles in January cause my little Daisy was in the hospital and I needed to fly back home to Dumaguete, I decided to meet Kim and some friends in Moalboal, where he went with some friends. Moalboal is about a three of four hour trip with public transport from Dumaguete on the west coast of Cebu.

As it is also Valentines and with Rechels terrific job she did the last 2 month with all that Sendong relief stuff, it was a great opportunity to bring her for a few days without kids , house duties , etc, just to have a few days off in a different environment.

Ate Gary

Our Helper – Ate Gary

It is the first time we leave our two monsters alone at home, well not really alone, our part time helper – Ate Gerry (named after the lightning speed of her work which is about the same as Spongbob Squarepants little pet) takes care of the house for the next for days until we will be back. I also gave the monsters my flashdrive with 8 GB movies which will keep them quiet for many hours.

So all should be sorted and sunburned like a boiled lobster after our trip to snorkel with the whale-sharks in Oslob,  Rechel and I went to bed around 8.30 pm. Of course I stood up after 2 hours sleep to watch my favourite german soccer team – FC Bayern Munich- to win against Kaiserslautern. Back to bed at 2 am to rest for the travel day to Moalboal.

After a short night sleep,  the alarm woke us up around 6 am to get ready for our trip to Moalboal. I checked quickly my mail and did a quick run to the bank to get some money for our trip. Moalboal has no ATM so you better visit with a pocket full of cash.

Our monsters seemed to be quite happy to get rid of us, especially when I gave them the flash-drive and their eyes turned into wide-screen squares.

I had only two coffee at that time and therefore my mood wasn’t that good. A quick good-morning rant about each and everyone sorted that and I was ready to start the day.

Did I mention that it totally sucks to carry heavy back bags on sunburned shoulders? And I can show you within a blink of an eye a lot of beautiful things which should suck, whenever they are awake…. Back-bags are none of it.

Off to Moalboal

However, the god of trike-driver was on our side and we caught one right outside of our gate, even it must have been one of the smallest trikes I ever squeezed my big ass into of whole Dumaguete, it was appreciated and at 8:45 am (45 minutes after our planed time, so perfect or even a bit early for philippino time) we left our Casa.

Ceres Liner

Ceres Liner

He brought us to the Ceres liner terminal and again, perfect timing, as a bus was about to leave for Manjuyod and will pass Tampi, where we get on the Ferry to pass the Tanon straight for Cebu. Tampi is about 18 kilometers north of Dumaguete and the bus ride there was 20 Peso each. If you get a aircon bus it is 30 peso per peso.  As it was pretty cloudy, the regular non-aircon bus was totally fine and we reached Tampi after 30 minutes drive.

Maayo Shipping Lines

Maayo Shipping Lines


Maayo shipping lines is leaving from Tampi to Bato each half hour and the trip across the Tanon Straight lasts a bit longer than 30 minutes. The sea was not that rough and the few babies on the ferry were quiet, 70 peso per person well invested.

Ferry Bato to Tampi

Ferry Bato to Tampi

In Bato Rechel bought some water and candies to support her waste-line and we waited at the street for another Ceres liner to pick us up and bring us to Moalboal. The bus came after 30 minutes waiting and we got some seats on the left side, which are actually for 3 person, but were pretty well filled with mine and Rechels back-cheeks. It was again no aircondition (Bato – Moalboal 70peso each) and as the sun was still hiding, we had a convenient scenic drive along the west coast of Cebu, up north to our final destination Moalboal.

Trike in Moalboal

Trike in Moalboal

Trike in Moalboal

At 12:30we arrived in Moalboal, where we got an overpriced trike for150 Peso and the last 10 minutes down to the beach to Tipolo Resort.

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  • Freddy says:

    Rhoody :
    do you know the tricycle fare from Sibulan airport to Tampi pier ? I am going to Moalboal via Dumaguete on 3/7 .
    Or maybe we should use Sibulan -> Liloan ferry route since there is more frequent ferry at Sibulan pier ?

    RGDS ,

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