Finally I made it back home to Dumaguete. The last days in Angeles City were full of work with The Dane creating a 2008 concept for our partnership with and work on this and some other pages. We could not finish all work in time that I have to reschedule my flight back home to Dumaguete a couple of days. The episode and expierience with the Cebu Pacific call-center and customer-service is a story for itself and I will write another story about that amzing expierience.

Tom and me are known that we love good food and Kim is a fantastic cook with the size of his portions it would be no problem to feed half Dumaguete with the leftovers of one cooking session. After our dinner we hung around lazy on the sofa to watch some episodes of “Hells Kitchen”.

On my last night in Angeles City we decided at 11 pm to go out for a “good bye” drink…. I can tell you not the wisest decision of my life. We met some friends and the guy decided to do their very best to make me missing my pick up at 9 am next morning. At 8 am I finally run out of a pub to jump in a trike heading home to Kims house and threw all my stuff into my suitcase. The driver was already waiting to bring me to the domestic Airport in Manila. His only comment after a brief good morning was : Are you sure they will allow you on board of the aircraft?

And yes they did !!!  

After 34 hours without sleep, a couple of beer and 2 packs of cigarettes my feet touched Negros ground around 3:30 pm in the afternoon. After all it was a fantastic pleasure and business trip but I am happy to survive it and being back in Dumaguete for some diving.