… from a long night out we all needed a recovery day and a late breakfast. The day was almost over when Kim and me started to work a bit on the computer. This blog is one of the results by the way. As it took quite some time to upload everything and try yo get the right settings done I ended up deadly tired falling asleep at 4 in the morning in front of the notebook.

Our dinner  next evening was at C’ Italian  Restaurant. IMHO the absolute best Restaurant in the Philippines. Chef Chris is an absolute magician. As we were invited we followed the host and had a great fondue. I personally am not the biggest fondue fan but at the end it was again a great meal. It was a kind of business dinner, but with in very relaxed atmosphere. Leaving C’ Italian we decided to have some beer in town but this night I went home a little bit earlier.

New Years eve had arrived and the whole crowd got out for dinner to Swiss Chalet. A nice place with “Meat”-food, good sized delicious portions. I personally like the Salami-Cheese appetizer platter very much, but I guess one of the reasons is that I am from Dumaguete where you just don’t have this kind of cheese and Salami available. My Cordon Bleu with Swiss Cheese with very good and after paying we went down to 2 different Clubs before hitting Roadhouse at 11:pm.

New Years Eve in Angeles (and I guess in most City’s of the Philippines) means lasing people throwing firecrackers after you, so we were in the Club until 4 in the morning. Being known as one of the best Bars in Angeles City it the time was flying and the party a blast. You can’t compare the nightlife of Dumaguete or other Cities with Angeles. It is not only the GoGo scene, AC is sizzling when the night comes until the sun rises. Talking about sunrise… my memories were a bit foggy at that time so we went back home and had a long sleep to wake up just in time for a shower and New Years dinner at Fortune, a Chinese Restaurant. It was a great dinner again, the only disturbing thing was our neighbor table with 10 or so shouting Koreans. A kind of disgusting, why does nobody throw Fire-crackers after them…

Cheers for now