As a Scuba Diving Instructor (or to be exact PADI-MSDT), I can teach up to Dive-Master or Master Scuba Diver at non professional Level.

I am just a little scared that my Dive – Association will include the trainings aid below as a requirement in the Rescue/EFR course. They are known to throw things on the market which are pretty useless, for me even sometimes too hard, to remember the Acronym of that thingies. Be honest, who in the wide wide world of Scuba Diving needs a eMLRDP. If you don’t know what an eMLRDP is, just forget it right away and never ever think about it again, unless you want to become a Dive-Master, Scuba Diving instructor or higher.

The trainings aid I am talking about here is supposed to help against drowning.  Hmm… If I read the original description I doubt that it works that way.

My theory is that: If you blow enough smoke, the drowned victim get’s so buoyant, that he pops up to the surface like a fully inflated Surface Marker Buoy.

Nevertheless, my decision is done. If my scuba dive association includes THAT trainings Aid in the Rescue or EFR course, I stop my membership and make a crossover to another agency…  at least if I need to demonstrate more than the smoking part … haha.

Having said that, I know some Dive Shop Manger and Course Directors in Puerto Galera and Dumaguete who are used to stick with their head up to the shoulders in the rectum of their boss to search for some Brownie Points since years anyway…

I am sure some of the Dive Center Staff in Puerto Galera and Dumaguete will love that little toy… diba Mr. P.M ???

Have a great weekend and cheers