It’s been a year that I visit Kim and Tom in Angeles, so it was more than time to book a flight to Luzon. I got a 2-way flight with Philippine Airline for only 2960 Peso and booked like always a pick up service via Margarita Station. I always use them and was never disappointed. They are not the cheapest but very reliable.

As everybody can imagine there is always a Philippine-drama when telling at home to will leave for some days. One thing you got to get used in this country… drama and jealousy .  As a guy you will have a jealous asawa when you yell at to a dog crossing your way and that usually ends in a drama if you react in any way. Talking about a situation like that could go a kind of like that:

She: I saw that…
You: HUH ??? what …
she: you smiled at someone…
you: errrrmm, no , I was yelling at the f$%@% dog.
she: you were smiling, I know the owner, she is very beautiful !!!
you: I don’t even know the owner , I was yelling at the dog
she: you know her, she lives down the road from the Sari-Sari shop you buy your cigarettes
you: but I don’t know her and her f@$%@ dog !!! But if she’s sexy you should introduce me, hehe
she: Bastos, see how you are, I know you don’t love me and want another girl…

There is no chance to win a discussion with a woman from the PI, so don’t yell at dogs or look at chicks.

A good thing  that I booked the trip just before Christmas, so she was busy with preparing all kinds of things to celebrate it nicely. While I am typing this I sit in the car on the way up to AC and wondering about that little traffic in Manila, usually there should be a traffic jam and no movement in any direction. Maybe I am a lucky one today… but don’t praise the day before it’s over.

More later, got some txt’s to reply. Maybe I should make a counter here how many txt I get in the next few days from my sweatheart.

Cheers for now