I actually got my PADI Advanced Open Water Course already since last week, but I had so many things going on and I couldn’t find the time to write about the awesome experience. It has been almost a week since I finished the course with the special courses of Navigation, Night Dive, Enriched Air Nitrox, Deep Dive, and Drift Dive.

Day 1 – Navigation Dive & Night Dive

After the knowledge review and paperwork, I had my first physical class on Navigation. I was busy that morning so I started my course in the afternoon. I learned how to read a compass and practiced in front of the resort’s beach. It was easy on land since there was no current and gravity helped me stand still in the area. My instructors Ate Vanela and Sir Chris geared up with me to try the navigation course underwater. We stayed at about 5-7 meters…steadily…and I started using the compass. I wouldn’t say it was perfect but I was better than I was before.



After the first dive for my Navigation course, we surfaced and rested at the Pura Vida Resort. For my next dive, we geared up with some special equipment like torches (flashlights). The Night Dive was fairly scary and exciting. Once we were underwater, it was not even that dark as others might think. We were just lucky that it was a clear night and the moon shined bright. My favorite part of the night dive was the bioluminescent. With all torches switched off, we waved our hand back and forth…disturbing the bioluminescent shrimps and microorganism causing the “glow”. It was like the constellations were forming every time I moved. It was by far one of the best feeling and experience!

Day 2 – Enriched Air Nitrox, Deep Dive & Drift Dive

The following day, I went to Dauin for the second part of my Advanced Open Water Course. The first stop for the course was the Enriched Air Nitrox. For those who don’t know Nitrox, it is an air blend with a higher percentage of oxygen and a lower percentage of nitrogen. With nitrox tanks, one can dive longer underwater. We stopped by at the Sea Explorers Dauin Nitrox Station to check our tanks before the dive.



With 32% Nitrogen tank, my instructors and I went to as deep as 30 meters (officially hehe) for a few minutes…which is also then considered as a Deep Dive. While diving we did a couple of exercise and tricks. During the dive, we saw a huge jellyfish and it was just majestic! I always wanted to see a big jellyfish before and I finally did. It was awesome! We rode on a speedboat just at the Pura Vida House Reef. After the dive, we went to Bacong in the Mainit dive site for my Drift Dive part of the course.

The dive site is known for drift diving and the volcanic soil near the shallows. I have been in Mainit before just after My Open Water Dive, so it was not all new to me. It was still a great experience since we saw barracudas and groupers. I finished my Advanced Open Water Course with salt-soaked hair, tanned face and flying colors!


Watch My PADI Advanced Open Course Video below:


Can’t wait for my next dives!