A year ago or so my friends Tom and Kim were living down here in Dumaguete or better 20 kilometer south of it in a small village called Maajong Tubig. We were drinking and partying many times together but never dived. When they finally decided to move back to Angeles City we ran almost out of time and squeezed in as many dives as possible.

Finally 2 days before departure Michelle the lovely girlfriend of Tom decided to make a PADI Discover Scuba Programm with me. A DISCO is usually the first experience in the water with SCUBA equipment. The participant has almost nothing to do… just breathing. If the DISCO programm is conducted in the open water they have to clear the mask and recover the regulater as some easy skills.

Michelle did it with flying colors and the rest was simply fun. Sometimes it is just great to be a PADI Scuba Diving instructor in the Philippines. Now almost a year later I dedected a short video of that dive on youtube. I thought Tom was just making pictures, but obviously he recorded a few frequences of that dive. Good that I behaved a kind of…


Somehow I must thank Asia Divers in Puerto Galera and PADI. Asia Divers made me to a complete diving addict and PADI gives me the tools to enjoy that kind of stuff.

cheers and enjoy