Pinoy Big Brother is in the Phillipines a big thing, maybe even bigger than in most parts of the world. The finalists will be hero’s for a long time and won’t be forgotten after a few weeks. In this case Jason and Uma, the winner or finalists or whatever they are came with Noly de Castro, the daughter of the vice-president to Dumaguete to present our lovely town at Trip Na Trip, a travel-show on ABS-CBN, one of the biggest local TV-Stations.

This story is about 2 years old now, back when I was working for Atlantis.
One morning my boss came to me and told me that I had to go diving with Uma and Jason, they can be here each minute….. hmmm Uma and Jason, sure, yesterday I was diving with Jim and Jack, so why not with Uma and Jason…

Feeling that my boss was a bit nervous I asked him carefully:

Boss, errrmmm I don’t wanna be rude but who the fxxx are Uma and Jason ?”

Rhoody, you don’t know them? the stars of Pinoy Big Brother, you go on a Apo trip with them and go diving. And the daughter of the vice-president also comes with you. They make a episode for a TV-show, two things Rhoody, they never were in the water before and don’t bend over

I had the first point many times before, so was quite ok with that, what the second “thing” should tell me was pretty clear as soon as the production crew came into the resort. Aynaku, all the guys were soooooo sweat, that I put an extra layer of 7mm Neoprene on the bottom back of my wetsuit.

At the end I couldn’t call it diving but I kept them alive under water and we had a great time. I am still virgin and food and drinks were also for free, so no reason to complain.

What’s a kind of funny, that my girlfriend got calls from friends in Manila after the broadcast, that they saw a guy on TV at Trip na Trip diving with Uma and Jason from Pinoy Big Brother. The guy looks like Rhoody… Shame on me, I did not even know them… maybe I am getting old.

After the broadcast I was looking around to get a copy of it, Hey I don’t dive everyday with “real”stars. For whatever reason, it was not possible. Finally I got that blury video which is a kind of funny as it is recorded with a cell-phone from the TV.

Promise by the 7 lifes of my dead cat, I will never miss a Pinoy Big Brother and Trip na Trip episode anymore…..again, sorry for the bad quality and cheers