I finally have my very own BCD (buoyancy control device)! My new Cressi Start Pro 2.0 has everything I need to explore the underwater world in a comfortable way. Having your own BCD makes every diving trip much easier because you are familiar with your equipment and know how to operate it. But getting used to your BCD takes a little practice. So, I went to test my new BCD.

Testing My New BCD

After Unpacking my BCD Delivery last April, it’s time to test my new BCD. Dive Monster Junior and Senior drove to Mike’s Dauin Beach Resort. Upon arriving I prepared my equipment near the pool. I got my mask, weight belt with weights, boots, fins, regulator, tank and of course my BCD. I hopped in the pool and started gearing up.

The first few seconds of wearing my new BCD was mainly adjusting the straps. Even though it was an XXS I still struggled to make it tight enough for my tiny body. After that, I tried a few skills like mask clearing. When I got more comfortable with it, I dove around in circles around the pool.

Watch my Pool Session (Testing my BCD) here:

I have a lot of adventures waiting for me in the underwater world! With my new BCD, I can accomplish them. Until next time then.