Oops, I forgot completely to finish my  trip-report to Angeles City with a side-trip to Subic. I think I stopped after we cancelled the second dive in the bay due to miserable conditions. After a cheap lunch in the “Not-So -Cheap” Cayman Beach Resort we walked 5 minutes to Ocean Adventure, a great Park with dolphins, sharks and sea lions, completed by a small aquarium house and a Monkey and Bird part.

The entrance fee is 500 Peso (if I remember right) and includes all shows and attractions in the Ocean Adventure Park. When we entered the dolphin show was close to the end. The Dolphins looked pretty healthy. In the middle of them a false Killer-whale.

Next was shark-feeding, what was in my opinion pretty boring but the girls were screaming and the crowd exited when there was a sharkish shape under the surface, but not really my thing. The Sealion show followed and I thought … WOW another sealion show, never saw that before…


To my surprise it was very well done and I caught myself laughing out loud plenty of times. We had  a quick run through the aquarium. It might have been interesting for others, but they had nothing there I haven’t seen in the Ocean and in the natural surroundings. But again for non-divers it’s great to see some Stingrays, Seahorses, Sharks of Pufferfish. 

Monkey-feeding was the next attraction what was similar to having lunch or dinner at home. The caretaker gave food to the monkeys and they surprisingly eat it… Nervertheless, it’s always fun to watch them playing and running around.

Then it was time to secure the seats for the dolphin show. It was great and the little Video I copied here doesn’t do any justice. We had a wonderful time and everybody enjoyed a lot.


After the Ocean Adventure in Subic we drove 20 minutes to our Hotel, the Dreamland-Resort on the other side of the bay. Dreamland Resort is a spacious Resort with a great pool-area and a good restaurant. After a nice dinner it was time to head towards the bar to explore the Nightlife in Subic. Sure it is not like Angeles City but very enjoyable. Due to the early closing-times there (3 am in the morning) we were forced to have a last one or two in “Fridays” the resort-bar of Dreamland.

That was also the point where I lost a bit track and next thing I recall was my alarm at 10:00am to get a quick breakfast. Around 11:00 am we entered the van to stand one hour in front of a bank and sweating out the rest-alcohol while Kim was inside the air-conditioned environment to do some business. Thanks mate, top job.

An hour later we were back in Angeles City and I enjoyed listening to the sweet whisper of the pillow in my room again.

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