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That is a Rube Goldberg Machine

 It has nothing to do with Dumaguete or diving in the Philippines. Sometimes I just spend some time with surving the web and my internet provider gives me the bandwidth to watch some videos. I am a bit a technic freak and love to see and understand how things work together. If you are the same that is something for you.

Maybe you know this machines which are great to watch but make no sense; They are called Rube-Goldberg-machines. A few years ago I saw a Honda commercial in TV using one of it.  It is just awesome to watch them, here is the original…


Then there are some freaks doing the same.
I have no Idea how this guys had the idea, but the satire of it made me laugh big time…


You find more of them on onemansblog one of the best blogs I have ever seem. He has a wide collection of them and you will “waste” a lot of time watching him.

I was just about to post this article when I had a brownout and my internet provider cut me off. Thanks to wordpress and the fantastic software the post was saved just before I got cut off…



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