That is the continuation of the IMAX – Experience story below and I admit that Manila Burger Run is a kind of strange title, but after reading it I am sure you will understand that there can’t be any different name for that article. So let’s start where the other one was ending…

So here they stand the 3.5 fat long-noses at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon holding tickets for “Avatar” in 3D at the IMAX for the next day at 4:50 pm. First thing was to find a Hotel what was not a big issue as the guys have countless connections and a few txt later all bookings were done. Time for lunch.

We decided to try Hooters which is actually not located in the Mall but a half marathon away from the Mall of Asia… Hooters is a well known Burgers Chain in the US, pretty famous for OK Burger but more famous for the waitresses with Bigger Boobs then Brains. That is actually identical with Hooters behind the Mall of Asia.

The small difference is that the Boobs of the local Hooters waitresses didn’t fill a Cup-A Bra, so don’t ask for the brain…  Accordingly went our try to order… if there wouldn’t be typhoons and flooding in the Philippines, I would describe the “order and what got delivered”-procedure as a mild disaster. Well don’t blame the girls there, they just stick to the company – outlines, remember: “Bigger Boobs then Brains”. They still look better then the average burger sales lady in Germany.

So our first starter came of course together with the main course, the second starter did not show up, but after a reminder it was served when all other dishes were eaten,  the side dishes came after that. That all would be normal in a low-standard restaurant in Dumaguete but not for that price-class…that is simply annoying.

What made the Hooters experience to a real unforgettable event was simply the quality of the dishes. I am not a gourmet but that was simply disgusting… the fried shrimps had still the shells on under the breading and after the first bite lead to a small cut my gums I skipped on that.. The Burger I ordered looked a kind of Yummy, but that is as far the culinary delight went. First bite and BLEHHHH … Filipino Sweet Burger Buns. What the F… is going on here. Ok I am hungry so somehow a Gallon Hot Sauce and Heinz fixed the weird taste.

To pretend staying a kind of healthy we also ordered some vegetable side dish, just to discover another outstanding surprise. Hooters must have an employee whose job is to soak carrots in old kitchen oil and/or somehow injects it also… I am very aware that this sounds a bit strange, as was my experience after 39 years wandering around on this planet eating minimum 3 times daily.

That I was only able to have my bottomless drink refilled once in about 1.5 hours was only another adding experience.

Well , the bill was just over 100 US$ !!!! for a pile of  crappy  burgers, boob-less waitresses and oily carrots. I definitely will put Hooters on my “been there, done that, but never again”-List.

So we were more than ready to leave that place and back to the mall, to buy some clothes and stuff needed for the unplanned overnight-stay in Manila.

Enough for now…. The Manila Burger Run continues…